Red hot dress & new photo app

The weekend before labor day, I finished the red dress I had sketched in the last post. I did not do the gathers on the skirt. I just somehow felt that that would be too much. It looks good as is. My friend Fen came over and we made some pictures for the Etsy listing. Unfortunately, the back was a little wide. I fixed that but at the time we were not able to take pictures of the back.

Last week, I got an iPhone 4 from work, and I had to try out the camera, which is very good, as well as some apps like a photo app that lets me put some cool effects on pictures I take. Here some test pictures of the dress and my Obitsu Doll. I was thinking, I should make the same dresses I have made in doll size.

Today, Fen and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair. We had an awesome time, sore feet, and a ton of business cards from the different booths.

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