Beginnings of my costume

I started some parts of my She-Ra costume already on the week end at the monthly Etsy Craft Party.
My inspiration was this photo:

Of course I will not look exactly as good as her  🙂 But I am trying. And I will surely not have the dress that short 😛
I had started with some of the armor and the head piece. I cut it out of craft foam and will cover it with silky gold fabric.
Here are the foam pieces for the boot leg, the embellishments on the front and at the top of the dress, and the wings for the head piece:

Below is the fabric for the armor and the cape:

Then yesterday and the day before, I drafted a pattern for a corset, which will be the top part of the dress, to make me look slimmer 🙂
I first cut it out of some test fabric – I had this huge roll of fabric that I wanted to make a cover for a couch for. But now it is just laying around. We don’t have that couch anymore and the fabric is not machine washable, so completely useless except for trials.
That turned out good, so I am stating to cut out pieces using the final fabric.

 And last but not least, I bought two blonde wigs that I still have to combine. I first bought one, but that was quite thin, so I got another. Was going to attach layers of hair from one to the base of the other. Hope that will work. Also I was going to cut and style the hair a little. Styling I will have to do with boiling water because you cannot use a curling iron, because the hair is plastic and would melt.

What I am up to…

I just downloaded the blogger app today. Let’s see. Despite the reviews it seems to be a good tool. I can add pictures, manage my posts and review the blog. However, I am missing a way to see and review comments.
I did finish the baby blanket I talked about a couple posts back. I did make the inside a solid green instead of the whole blanked out of flowers. Still took forever 😉
I am currently working on my Halloween costume. Lots to do yet. I will be She-Ra and Jason will be Skeletor 😀