Eiffel Tower

I actually finished the anchors for my nautical themed earrings yesterday. Today I made some small Eiffel Tower for Paris themed earrings. I was thinking of also pairing the towers with a heart each.

They turned out a little bigger though – maybe about 2 inches – and to work for earrings, I wanted to stiffen them first. I also had some issues with the anchors of twisting a little bit. So I ended up stiffening all but the hearts. I used half Mod Podge and half water for the mixture. I submerged each piece, then squeezed out extra liquid and pinned them onto some cardboard to dry and keep their final shape.

The mix should dry clear. Lets see tomorrow. then I can also assemble the earrings.


I am continuing to work on the new doll with movable joints, but it has been slow. I started some small crochet for earrings again as a variation so I donโ€™t get bored.
I made these little ship steering wheels below that will be part of a nautical themed earring. I was thinking of adding a blue anchor and one of the red hearts you can see in the picture for the earring.

I want to also find some application to use small scale crochet other than just jewelry, maybe as a drink identification or something. Canโ€™t think of something just this second. I will probably go to some larger sized stuff again soon. I am thinking of some cute place mat ideas.

Butterflies, Hearts & Flowers

Kind of a lazy weekend. Yesterday we watched movies all day and today was mostly browsing the Internet but some crafting. I finished another set of earrings. This time I crochet with my smallest crochet hook: a size 12, which is only 1.15 mm, and using the pink sewing thread again. I made a butterfly, a heart and a flower for each earring. They are connected with tiny little jump rings and on a nickel free fish hook earring finding.

I also posted it on Etsy already: https://www.etsy.com/listing/176386131/pink-dangle-crochet-butterfly-heart

Other than that, we also made an awesome Kung Pao Chicken dish with rice and a roast beef for sandwiches, yum. I skyped with my family in Germany. I love Skype. It is great to see their faces every now and then. and it looks like my sister is going to start Volleyball with the same trainer I had. He actually found my old membership pass (the sports teams in Germany are not run by the school but are clubs), from when I was 12 and gave it to my dad. How cute. I will grab that the next time we are there.

Finished: Crochet Hoop Earrings with Beads

Well, posting daily did not work out as planned, as I now missed 3 days ๐Ÿ™‚ But it is still a good goal and I got way more posts out than last year already!
And I was able to finish the hoop earring finally. I had to by some small jump rings to connect the crochet heart and I glued the ends of the tread to the top of the hoop by wrapping it around it with some glue.

I think I will do one or two more things with little crochet hearts and then switch to clovers for St. Patrick’s Day. Especially because my boss, who is a huge knitter but not into crochet, gave me some even smaller crochet hooks from her grandma. Using the size 12 which is only 1.15 mm, and some normal sewing thread, I was able to crochet an even tinier pink heart.

Isn’t that cute. But it really requires some good lighting. I want to try some more complex shapes in that scale. Maybe I can do some cute stuff for doll houses, more earrings or a little landscape in a clear ornament. Also have some ideas for some more standard size crochet for clothing. Stay tuned…

Crochet Hoop Earring with Beads

I was planning on going to bed early yesterday because I needed to catch up on sleep. Did that happen? Of course not ๐Ÿ™‚
So I took a small nap today, which turned into a long nap …
Anyways, I managed to start a new earring. This time I crochet with the red embroidery floss over an old hoop earring I had laying around and also included some small glass seed beads.
I am planning to add one of the little crochet hearts I made on Sunday in the middle with a little jump ring.
But I need to find a silver jump ring. I think I only have gold color ones. And then of course I need to make the other matching earring.
Here is how the work in progress looks:

Need to cut of some of the fuss too but you cant really see them in real life.

Mini Crochet Heart Earrings

The earrings I started yesterday have been glued and are finished. Haven’t done much more today because I am tiered. I stayed up to long yesterday playing Civilization V.

Here some pictures of the ear studs:

I also added them to my Etsy shop.

And as a goodbye for today, a little motivational pic:

Brain Storming

Day 1 after posting my new 2014 goals, I have already started collecting ideas for new craft projects. I am focusing of smaller items that should not take forever. This way I can try different things and not be stuck finishing one thing forever.
I mainly am looking at small crochet animals, plants and similar. Maybe as earrings. I also found some great ideas using Irish lace. The first project is going to be crochet feather earnings. I found a great picture of crochet feathers and I want to try it as well. I am thinking using embroidery yarn for these would be best.