Kind of a lazy weekend. Yesterday we watched movies all day and today was mostly browsing the Internet but some crafting. I finished another set of earrings. This time I crochet with my smallest crochet hook: a size 12, which is only 1.15 mm, and using the pink sewing thread again. I made a butterfly, a heart and a flower for each earring. They are connected with tiny little jump rings and on a nickel free fish hook earring finding.

I also posted it on Etsy already: https://www.etsy.com/listing/176386131/pink-dangle-crochet-butterfly-heart

Other than that, we also made an awesome Kung Pao Chicken dish with rice and a roast beef for sandwiches, yum. I skyped with my family in Germany. I love Skype. It is great to see their faces every now and then. and it looks like my sister is going to start Volleyball with the same trainer I had. He actually found my old membership pass (the sports teams in Germany are not run by the school but are clubs), from when I was 12 and gave it to my dad. How cute. I will grab that the next time we are there.

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