I have been reading a post of my friend Rose about her goals that inspired me to make my own list of goals for 2014. I have multiple friends who do great blogs and are so active with crafting and other creative activities, it almost feels like I would never be able to do something like that. Just looking at this blog of mine and my Etsy store made me realize, I need to have a plan and stick to it.
This post here is the start.

So what are the things I want to do and need a little push to accomplish?

  1. Make a plan & motivate myself
    I have always had goals and plans floating in my head, but keep letting them slide. I am an A+ procrastinator, somewhat introverted and love to get distracted by easy fun stuff like video games. I believe writing down a plan and checking my progress will help. So for 2014 I have the goal to use these high level goals and make a weekly plan for myself, that is manageable and easy to follow. Maybe choosing Sunday as the Goal Day (pun intended) is a good start. But as part of this I want to include a daily motivation I need to find.I always find articles about how motivational quotes are helping people achieve their goals and lift them up, even if they do not really believe it at first. If you say “I can do it” every day to the mirror you will eventually believe in yourself enough to do it, right?
  2. Blog Daily
    I love to read blogs about the stuff I like and I want to participate. Have people read my blog and be inspired for their lives. Otherwise, why do I have a blog, right? And to do it right and make it a habit I should post something every day.
  3. Friends
    I am sometimes such a social hermit and have a hard time bonding. How do I get around that? Not easy, but I need to force myself to socialize to find friends. This means, doing the events like board game night (probably one tomorrow), girls nights, craft parties etc. is important. Even writing this and knowing some of my friends will read it, is awkward for myself. Why do I try to not share these thoughts with them? I guess I am just afraid of what people think. And last but not least, friends need to include my husband and my dog. They are my family and I need to spend quality time with them!
  4. Crafting
    I want to get my Etsy shop running and actually sell stuff. But even more important craft more. The more I do, the better it will be. Maybe a goal of 100 items in my store plus Christmas gifts for the family will be a good goal for 2014.
  5. Health
    This one is a biggie. I really want to loose weight and get more active this year. I am inspired by multiple of my friends. I want to eat healthier and work out at least 3 times a week.
  6. Cleaning
    There are some things that should happen every week and that includes cleaning the house. With a little planning this can be integrated easily. Maybe clean a little every day so it will not be this huge chore.
  7. Relaxing time
    With all of these goals, I do want to balance this with “relaxing time”, otherwise I cannot achieve my crafting goal or may start slacking again. This means, I will need to make sure there is still time for these things like video games 🙂

I ended up with these 7 goals. 7 is a nice number!
To start this off I have planned my week with some smaller goals in these categories.
And here the motivational item of the day:


Hi, you don't know me, but I found your blog via my husband who said you used to work with him at Brady. I'm an Etsy seller, too and a crafting blogger (I use the term loosely… I have been WAY too busy to blog lately), and I was wondering if you would like to work with someone to reach some of your goals, or just have a person to talk to about selling or crafting stuff or maybe even cross promote from time to time. I don't really know what I am going for here, but you seem really sweet and as lame as it sounds, maybe we can be friends haha. Okay, now that I sound like a creepy stalker, the ball is in your court. You can check me out on g+ or at prettythingsbyjenni.etsy.com or at facebook.com/prettythingsbyjenni. End awkward post!

Ha ha ha. No you are not a creepy awkward stalker. I had to laugh though 🙂
Is your husband Brad? If so, we did not only work together at Brady but also went to the same school (MSOE). I will check out your blog, FB and g+ later. If you are interested, I have an etsy team with FB page that is for getting together fellow Etsians in Milwaukee to hang out and craft together. we try for once a month. Next meeting is on the 16th. Take a look: https://www.facebook.com/groups/122660651100366/ and https://www.etsy.com/teams/5568/etsy-craft-party-milwaukee

Hi I meant to respond to this ages ago, but I had issues on my mobile device and well, you know the rest! I would love to check out your team and even though I missed this one, I will see about the next. I have no meaningful team affiliations through Etsy, so it will be an interesting adventure!

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