Clovers for St. Pat’s.

Today I finally got to finish the St. Patrick’s Day themed earrings. They are made with three little crochet clovers each. I attached the clovers with green wire to a fish hook earring. Each of the wires has a different length. In the middle of each clover I added a small dark green seed bead. They turned out nice and dangly. The clovers I did not stiffen because they are small enough but I did pin them to block them for a nice shape.  Here is how they turned out:

I also started the chunky scarf using the Arm knitting that I wrote about in the last post. I will post some results tomorrow.

Photo Correction – White Background

My plan for today was to take some pictures of the earrings I finished yesterday, make more clovers for my St. Patrick’s day earrings and make the arm-knitted scarf. So far I have not done any of that 🙂
Had quite a long drive home due to tons of snow. I can hear a neighbor right now outside – sounds like stuck … ugh.
And over my lunch break today I found a great post on one of the blogs I am following about How To Edit a White Background for Your Photos. It’s a great tutorial – check it out.
So I had to try it out on one of my earring pictures and I am quite pleased. Check out the before and after below:

I want to do that on some more pictures and will then update them on Etsy. Maybe I will take some more photos tonight. With the short days in winter this is invaluable as you get not enough daylight to make great lighted pictures. Also it is almost impossible to naturally get a good white background with just an iPhone camera, but that is all I have right now.

Finally Crafting Again – London Telephone & Police Boxes

Finally, after a miserable week I am crafting again. I am still a little bit ill but nothing compared to mid-week.
When I brainstormed a little bit for new items I want to make I came up with the idea to make famous buildings from popular cities, just like what I did with the Eiffel Tower earrings. So London came to mind. I am planning on the Big Ben. But then I saw a picture of it with a red telephone box in the foreground, and I decided to make those first. I came up with the pattern myself and made a red pair. Then  I figured that the blue police box that is very popular from the “Dr. Who” show, would be pretty much the same thing except for the windows. I started making one of the police boxes. Maybe I can finish them today, but right now it is getting darker outside and the puppy needs food and go out.
So here is how they look at this point:

They still need blocking and stiffening to take on the final shape. Right now they are still a little twisted. All of them are about an inch high.

Completed Nautical & Eiffel Tower Earrings

I completed the nautical and Eiffel tower earrings for which I described stiffening the parts in the last post. Well, actually I already finished them on Friday but then ended up not writing a post yet 🙂

Using the Mod Podge to stiffen them worked pretty good and I will do that again. There are some other methods which are not as easy though. I just Googled “Stiffen Crochet” and found a ton of articles. I do have to say that putting the crochet pieces on a Cardboard to dry was not a good idea.
One of the pieces almost gave me a heart attack when some of the cardboard was stuck to it. Yikes!
Luckily I managed to peel it off without any residue or damaging the piece – Pew!
Next time I will use some fabric underneath. 

I assembled the crochet pieces with some jump rings and made these two earrings.

I also listed them on Etsy already:

Yesterday I started a Facebook page for my Etsy shop, which will hopefully help with sales.