Flower Bobby Pin

I was able to finish the flower hair pin I made from Fen’s pattern (see fast post for more info). Turned out pretty good. I made the middle a little too loose, so I added a little bit of glue in the back – don’t want it to fall off while I’m wearing it. I probably will make a few more to go with my turquoise lace dress I made. Here the final result:

French Beaded Flower Bobby Pin

Yesterday, I started working on a French beaded flower bobby pin. I bought the pattern from my friend Fen, which she sells along with many beautiful French beaded flower accessories on her Website BeadFlora and her Etsy store BeadFloraJewels.

The instructions are great: easy to follow and with great pictures to follow along. I chose a dark turquoise 11/0 seed bead to work with and a gold colored – it’s not really gold 🙂 – 24 gauge wire. I am done with 3 of the 5 pedals. Hopefully it turns out good, then I can wear it with my turquoise lace dress. I am a little worried that the pedals are too far apart from each other. But I guess it is wire so I could bend it to shape (if it doesn’t fit I’ll make it fit, ha ha). Here my in process picture:

I probably won’t finish it tonight because there is a board game night going on, but probably more tomorrow.

New Items: Monkey Earrings

Yesterday I finished and posted another new item. I took two monkeys I made and made some dangle earrings out of them. I also added a little bead on top.

I also finally finished my three color wash cloth. I am not 100% happy about the trim but I think I will make another one with 3 different colors.

2014 First Quarter Goal Recap

In my Goals post in January, I have been talking about how I was inspired by my friend Rose, who posted per 2014 goals on her blog. Recently she posted a first quarter recap of how she did so far, which was a great read, and I decided to do the same. So here it is – tada – my first quarter goal recap:

  1. Make a plan and motivate myself
    I definitely have been a lot more motivated, but the planning thing is still sketchy :). I started with a plan for the blog – see more about that under #2
  2. Blog Daily
    Ok, blogging daily is not happening. Well, let’s say it this way. I am trying, but then I want to show results and pictures and it’s later in the day, so I push it off due to light issues (still need to buy some daylight light bulbs for pics), and then I don’t post for a couple of days. Because I have a hard time coming up with what to write about if I can’t show off progress for a project. But I already have some ideas I can include into the blog. for example, I love to read other blogs, especially crafting blogs. So I was thinking I can talk about them a little. Or maybe some interesting ideas I find and want to sometimes try. Also, I read some articles about writing blogs and one tip – even though it’s not directly related to writing – is to turn off word verification for comments. I already have comment moderation, so I get the chance to review and answer comments, so I really don’t need word verification. It is just a hassle, and I have to agree, because I also find it somewhat annoying (half the time you can’t even read the darn thing)
  3. Friends
    I think I am doing ok. Have been gaming, and currently I am lucky because one of my friends is getting married and there are many crafty preparation meetings to participate in.
  4. Crafting
    I definitely have made some great progress here. I added 9 items since mid-January. But I could definitely do more. If I want to reach 100 by the end of the year I have to double my efforts.
  5. Health
    Hmm, sadly I was really slacking in this one. I worked out a few times in contrary to a few times A WEEK. Well, at least I did not gain any weight :P. But seriously this is a major area I need to focus on.
  6. Cleaning
    Also this area was not really a change from what it was. Could do more.
  7. Relaxing time
    Yeah, well. this is not really a goal I could seriously fail at LOL

So…end result is a little meager. Need to make sure I have some more stuff to “brag” about next quarter.

Monkeys & Average is Beautiful

The little monkey is finished and posted and I am working on more to make earrings also.

Today I went to Michael’s for some supplies. I found some great metalic sewing threads that I want to crochet with.

Also some clear plastic backs for the earrings.

They are not expensive and I would have loved them so I would not have lost two earrings which I really loved. One that my sister made from a green stone ring and silver wire, and the other a little silver sea horse, which I bought myself a long time ago. So now I am left with one earring each, so I want to make a pendant for a necklace from them.

I am planning to include the little clear plastic backs for each of the earrings I am selling on Etsy as well.

Also I discovered this cool crowd funding project called Average is beautiful to promote a healthy body image for girls. This guy is creating a doll called Lammily with the average body measurements of a 18 year old American girl. Because I love the concept and am a sucker for dolls (hey, I made some dolls for my Etsy shop!) I had to back 2 of them. One for my niece and one for myself 🙂 They should be done in November. Can’t wait!
That’s it for now. Tomorrow I will probably head to another craft party and finish some more monkeys.


Monkey Voodoo?

Today I finished the little monkey. Right now he is pinned up to block him for shape.
Looks a little creepy on the picture though 🙂
And no, it’s not a voodoo doll.

I will probably start a second one later tonight. The green wash cloth also needs to be finished yet.

Have a Monkey Day!

Despite my inability to have a blogging streak of more than one day after just announcing daily posts two days ago 🙂 I have done some crafting.
I am in the middle of making a wash cloth – one of those that are like a mitten.
I found a great easy dish cloth pattern on Petals to Picots which I adjusted in size for a wash cloth and am trying it with dark green, bright green and off-white. I love the color combination, but my photo from yesterday does not show them off that good, because it was already too dark.

Then today I started making a little monkey out of sewing thread. I took a picture but I don’t know if it already obvious that it will be a monkey he he.

I want to make earrings out of them as well. But I was also thinking, I could sell the individual pieces of all of my earrings as crochet applique for kids clothing, dolls, playing zoo etc.
Or if someone wants to make their own funny jewelry with them. So I need to make some more and take pictures.

For today, I am planning on definitely working on the washcloth and maybe the monkey too. But I have too see how tired I am later, because I managed to do my workout video again – yay!