New Logo

Besides furiously working on our Halloween costumes, I have found some time to update my logo for my Etsy shop. (Next of course I need to make and draw some more things, but hey!)

I wanted to go with something simple and elegant. I had the idea of using the bird shapes as they are often drawn flying in the distance – just two curved brush strokes.
So I chose to have 3 birds flying in formation with the curve of the wings emulating the letters of my shop name “Live Love Maria” as well as forming a very abstract heart shape.

The result looks like this.

Next I want to either 3D print a stamp from this or have one made if that doesn’t turn out.

I updated the Etsy shop avatar with it and also made a new shop banner with some stylized foggy mountain shapes in matching colors.

Lastly I did the same thing for my Facebook page with the profile picture matching the Etsy avatar  similar to the new shop banner, and created a cover picture from pictures of some of the items I sell.

What do you think? An improvement?

Vault Dweller’s Emerging Countdown: 13 days

For this year’s Halloween, my sweetie and I have made some grande plans.
Coinciding with the release of the new Fallout 4 game on November 10 (for which I am actually taking half a week off 😛 ) we decided to make vault dweller costumes.

And we are planning on going all out:

  • Actual work overalls in post man blue with yellow trim and vault numbers.
    Plus, we were going to dirty them up for the “worn” look
  • Spray painted and distressed Nerf guns from the thrift store including some LEDs and an integrated fan for a “flamer”
  • 3D printed props like jet, stimpacks, mini-nukes and emblems
  • Some meds from the game as props (with candy inside, hehe)
  • Nuka-Cola and Sunset Sarparilla bottles
  • And last but certainly not least: 3D printed Pipboys for both of us
This is going to be super sweet and I am very excited.
We have already quite a bit to show for as well: bought overalls and boots, started on props and weapons, and bought fabric for the trim.
And of course I have some pictures of the progress, because I knew you wouldn’t believe me ;P

The revival of a blog…and other short stories

Once upon a time there was a little blog. The blog’s owner was creative, artsy, and crafty and promised to write many, many posts to fill the blog and show all the readers fun glimpses of her creative process.
This made the little blog really happy and it was frolicking the interwebs.
But something evil was brewing unknown to the little blog. Its poor owner was soon captured in the claws of busy life and work sucking all motivation and creativity from her core.
The poor little blog had to live in darkness and miserable hunger. No one to feed it and no one to care for it.

So kids: do we want a happy ending for the poor little blog? Sure we do!

And so it was revived! Yay! *clapping and cheering*

I bet many of you who had the ambition to write a blog know this story very well.
But I intend to revive this blog after a year of inactivity.
Many things happened including new craft projects and a new-found interest in art.
I acquired some inking and watercolor tools as well as pencils to try myself at drawing and painting and now also inking again. (some pictures of those below)

I have also added my friend Kim to the blog, who will share some of her crafty projects as well (I hope 😀 )
I’m hoping to add something about her to the “about” page soon.

So, stay tuned!