Sephiroth Painting

This year I made one big geeky present for my sweetie. I had seen someone put Star Wars and Star Trek characters in old paintings before and really liked those.

So I decided to make something similar.
After a long search I found a perfect landscape painting at an antique shop.
First I wanted to add the vault dweller and Dogmeat from the new Fallout game we have been playing so much lately, but really one of his favorite games is Final Fantasy 7 and especially the character Sephiroth.
I enjoyed that game so much as well and it was my first console game after a long time of PC gaming which my sweetie had lend me when we were first dating. So epic Sephiroth it was and he was gonna hate on some barn 😉
Here a little animation of the process:
I started with this picture and used oil colors.
First I added a layer with the base colors.
The second layer with the lighter colors in the flames I pretty much added right away because it was ok to mix a little with the darker flames.
But for all the other details on the character and the smoke I had to wait for it to dry. And it took forever. I had to wait 2 days before I could continue and was so happy I got it all done in time to wrap it on Christmas day 🙂


The frame that came with the picture worked really well also. Here is what I ended up with.


I’m super happy with it, sweetie loved it and hung it up in the man cave right away. Weeee!
Hope you enjoyed it too. Until next time!

A Tulip in Winter

Heeeeeyyyy there. I have new stuff to share. Ok not that new but less than a month is something, right? 🙂

Alright! In December, I did pretty much two big things related to the holidays.
One was a painting for my Sweetie as a present, which I will talk about in the next post.
Second, but somehow I decided to post about it first, a dress for new years.
Don’t ask me about the order, it makes no sense but somehow felt right 😛
I started out with an idea of a full length dainty fairy dress but when I calculated the price for the amount of fabric I’d need, I had to change plans. It may have been worth it but I didn’t trust myself enough not to mess it up. And that would have been such a heartbreak for that price.
So, I chose plan B and went thrifting for dresses I could upcycle into something cool.
Luckily most of the fancy dresses at thrift stores have a lot of fabric and I already changed the plan to knee length or less.
To my joy, I found some nice floor length dresses in dark pink and light gray for a total of $20.
Wooo! I was imagining to layer them into one dress. The glittery leafs on the gray top layer looked like they could give a great effect on the pink.

So I started ripping the seams between the layers of the gray dress and pinned it up on the dress form.
To make sure it would fit and as a guideline I am using another dress and a bra underneath – just if you’re wondering why my dress form looks so weird.
It looked pretty good on the green and I was optimistic if only a little worried about the stiffness of the gray fabric. I taped up what I wanted the neckline to be so I would be cutting on the outside of the tape and have seam allowance also already included (hope that makes sense o.O)
Then, I cut the bottom of the pink and pinned to the height I wanted the dress to be.
But when I added the gray layer all the prettiness turned into HORROR.
What was that but the ugliest pink candy wrapper. How could this be?
Pinning it up to the actual length only made it look worse. 

As sad as it was to lose all time already spent on the gray part, I just couldn’t do the candy wrapper. Although it took texting friends for advice, and I am SO happy for it.
Now that I was onto plan C, there were more decisions to conquer: Which belt should I use?
Most people I asked said the wide gray but it was tied in the back into a big bow and I didn’t like that. Also, I really wanted some more sparkle and details as the dress seemed now a lot plainer. So I went with the thin sparkly one. 

 Next question was the neckline. Did I want to stick with the original plan of a kinda v-neck-sweetheart or should I go with high and wider shoulders? In the end I decided to go with a high neckline but not with wide shoulders.

To at least use some of the gray dress I added one layer to the little purse I was making to match the dress.

In the end I am really happy with how it turned out. It kinda had a Greek feel to it and was amazingly flowy and soft which it would not have been with the gray stuff.
My friend said I look like a tulip with it, LOL, so I am calling it my tulip dress.
I got some nice silver sparkly shoes to round off the look.

And I had a ton of fun on new years. Hope you did too. I wish you all a very awesome 2016!