The last week was pretty busy and there is one more week like that. I am still trying to squeeze in some drawing but have not gotten very far.
I was however able to fit in a craft party with some friends during which I started a new project (of course can’t just finish any of the unfinished projects floating around…nooooo).

I have this pair of gray pants which I really like especially because the fabric feels really nice.
Unfortunately I had a black ink pen leak onto it and for the life of me could not get that stain out.
So I decided to paint a design onto the pants to cover up the stain. Pretty ambitious, because I need to paint the whole pants, oh boy.

I looked up some Aztec style patterns ass a reference and started drawing with sharpies. The sharpies should withstand the wash as well. This is how far I got:

But I also wanted to take in the pants. With a pattern like this on it, I think they would only really look good as skinny jeans.
I used a pair of skinny jeans I already have and lined the legs up on the top stitched seam. I did not want to have to mess with that seam trying to recreate the top stitch. In my case this was the inside seam.

So I pinned the new seam line and put on the pants inside out to see if it would look good. I have to re-pin a couple of times as it was a little wide yet. Which probably means I’ll have to take in my existing skinny jeans as well =O

I opened up the hem before sewing the sided because I wanted to hide the seam in the hem after. Then I just sewed along the line and added a zigzag next to it to stop fraying. I used a roller cutter to cut of the excess material next to the zigzag.

And that was it. Skinny jeans done and I am pretty happy with them.

Now just need to finish drawing the pattern. Once that is done I will update the post with a picture.

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