Thread Thursday 4: NICU Preemie Baby Gowns

My most recent project is making some little preemie gowns. I don’t know that I will need them with my little one, but they are pretty simple and I am planning on donating them either way to the NICU.

As my pattern sources, I used the pattern provided by the Miracle Baby foundation of Australia.

I also used a blog post from the Badskirt Blog for the tutorial. 

Project NICU – Baby Hospital Gown Tutorial.

They however cleverly modified the pattern to make just one big pattern pieces out of the 3 of the original pattern and that I cut. I thought that was a great idea but did not work for me because I used old Paul Frank pajamas from a friend and had limitations on how big the pieces could be.
So here, I first cut out the pattern pieces from the pajama fabric and plain white cotton sheets for the lining. I cut pieces for two gowns per size (small, medium, large preemie).

Then I sewed the sides of the outside pieces together and the same for the lining pieces.

Next, the corners. My advice: don’t cut corners, cut the corners! 
(Ugh, what a dork. ๐Ÿ˜€ )
Cutting the corners of the seam allowance after sewing will help reduce bulk inside the piece. But careful not to cut too close or through any seams.

Now I ironed the seams flat. They will be in the inside. If you had done the pattern modifications above, steps up until now would not have been necessary. So if your fabric allows it, I strongly recommend it to save time.

Then I pinned the lining and outside fabric right side together and sew all around, leaving about a 2 to 3 inch opening for turning. I clipped corners again and also clipped little triangles into the seam allowance of any curved seams. This is necessary so the seam will curve correctly without bunching or bulk once the piece is turned.

Here you can see the little opening for turning:

I pulled the fabric through the hole to turn in right side out. This can be quite tricky especially for the smallest size. I used a crochet hook to push out the corners .

Followed by another ironing sessions to make everything nice and flat.

So all will stay in shape better I top stitched really close to the edge once around the whole piece.

Last, I added some buttons on the straps and one in the back. You can use snaps, buttons, Velcro or similar but it cannot be metal as this may heat up too much in the incubator in the NICU and cause injuries to the baby.
I used some old tiny plastic sew on snaps I had bought a very long time in bulk on eBay. For  the large size I will use press-in snaps because it is easier but I only had a larger size, too large for the smaller gown sizes.

And here the first of the gowns done. This is the smallest size:

I have a picture of all of them as far as I am at this point as the header of this post. I still need to top stitch them and add the snaps.

If you sew, this may be a quick project for you too. And the NICU always needs some preemie stuff. I think I will do some preemie hats as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Tune back in next week for some crochet again ๐Ÿ™‚

Miscellaneous Monday: Galaxy Onesie

Although I am bed / couch bound with a horrible cold this weekend, I was till able to finish a little side project that I had started a week ago. I wanted to write about this separate from Thread Thursday.
I saw a video online how to make cute galaxy flats with white flats, sharpies and rubbing alcohol, and wanted to try this on a plain white onesie I had. There was a stain on it anyways, so it made the perfect medium.
First I covered the onesie in different galaxy appropriate colors like black, dark blue, dark purple, pink and turquoise.

Then I dropped some rubbing alcohol on it with a dropper. Make sure to have something protecting your surfaces. I used a big plastic bag.

I continued dropping until the whole onesie was soaked. OK, I have to admit, I was impatient and may have used too much rubbing alcohol. I had to dry this in a ventilated room forever!!!
So don’t do that. be patient and sparing with the alcohol. I also think that having a day in between painting the onesie and dropping the alcohol may have caused this, so you may want to do the alcohol dropping pretty soon after the sharpies.

Before drying I bunched up the bag do mix the colors a little more. Then just hang it to dry. Again, you’d want a well ventilated room and protect wherever you hang this on against stains. I used some cling wrap to protect the drying rack and some gloves to protect my hands :).

After drying it over night, I did two things to set the color: iron on hot, and then threw it in the dryer for a bit. This is to make sure the color won’t leak when you was the piece. If you had a smaller colored area you could probably get away with only ironing, but I wanted to make sure.

Then I added little stars with glow in the dark fabric paint. I don’t have a picture or it actually glowing in the dark thought. My camera is not good enough for that.

This needs to dry over night again and then can be washed. I am planning to wash it separately though or with black clothing because I am still a little worried about color leaking – there is just so much that I drew on there.
Hope you liked it and please come back. I have a new Thread Thursday coming up ๐Ÿ™‚

Thread Thursday 3: Baby Bonnet

Last week I have finished another crochet project I have been working on: a baby bonnet.

I used my favorite yarn, the Woolike from Loops & Threads in charcoal. It is a super fine yarn (size 1) and super soft.
The pattern I used is this one:
Now, normally it is possible to adjust the hook size to get the gauge of the pattern but the yarn weight used in the pattern is so much different than the one I used, so I had a different approach.
Instead, I used the hook size recommended for my yarn and made a swatch to figure out the gauge for a 4″ x 4″ square (10 x 10 cm). Then I converted the whole pattern to this gauge, which means I had to add stitches as well as rows based on the ratio of my gauge stitches to the pattern stitches and my gauge’s rows to the pattern’s gauge’s rows.
I think it turned out great, however I am not sure for which age this was for. It does not say in the pattern. I guess once the baby is there I just have to try it on ๐Ÿ™‚
It measures 7″ x 7″ so maybe a 6 to 9 month?
For the next post I have a bunch of things and it may even turn into two more posts.
I was busy cutting fabric for a few patterns and now working on sewing them all.
Here a pic of the cut fabric – a bunch of work ๐Ÿ˜€
Plus I am working on another fun project with sharpies and rubbing alcohol, as well as another bonnet. Yeah, I know, I cannot have less than 3 projects going at once, lol.
Thanks for reading. Hope
 you come back for the next post.

Thread Thursday 2 – Fluffy Polar Bear Jacket

Ok this post is pretty late but still on Thursday.
Just in time I finished my latest crochet project: a fluffy polar bear jacket for the baby.
I used Bernat Pipsqueak yarn in the color vanilla. Guys, it is amazingly soft and fluffy. I just want to cuddle it all day. This will be so great on the baby.

I used this pattern for a romper because I wanted to make it as a romper first.
B25-34 Baby Blues pattern by DROPS design
But after starting I felt it was more like a jacket and stopped right before making the legs.
I also added a hood based on the measurement from another pattern.
Three Way Baby Sweater
However because the yarn is so much thicker than the yarns used in either of these patterns I had to calculate quite a bit. To do that I converted the gauges on each into stitches per inch, made a gauge pattern for the Bernats yarn to also get stitches per inch and then used this to calculate how many stitches and rows I would need for each section of the pattern.
That was quite some modification. I also made sure to always measure the piece regularly.
Luckily the main pattern also provides a drawing of the measurements in inches and centimeters.
Very helpful.

Then I added some ears and a little tail to round the look of a polar bear ๐Ÿ™‚
I just kinda winged those. Isn’t it cute?
So the only thing missing on this one are the buttons which I need to buy yet.
I’ll add a picture with the buttons once I have them.

Thread Thursday 1 – December 2016 recap

I have been sewing and crocheting a few things lately. Especially in anticipation of the new baby.
Because of that and because I like the alliteration with days for blog posts, I am starting Thread Thursdays. ๐Ÿ™‚

For the first one I am doing a recap of the projects I have done in December 2016 that I have not posted about yet.

Baby Crochet Cardigan & Vest

I created two pieces from patterns off this book:
Crochet One-Skein Wondersยฎ for Babies: 101 Projects for Infants & Toddlers
They turned out very cute. The cardigan is from finer yarn and I used some wooden beads as buttons.

The vest is from a yarn I salvaged off an old sweater I didn’t like. I had some cute buttons with an eagle on it that give it a nautical / navy feel.

Harry Potter Robe

In December, I went to a Harry Potter themed Yule ball with a friend and we HAD to have Harry Potter robes.
I used a Jedi robe pattern and added a stipe of colored lining for the front as well as lining for the hood.
Here the robe pattern:

Rebel Legion :: View topic – Jedi Master’s Robe Tutorial, by EeanLedgor

The colors were matching with the houses we each prefer.
I picked Ravenclaw and my friend picked Hufflepuff.
We also bought some patches to iron onto the front of the robes.
Here some pics of the robes in action.

NYE outfit & Leggings

Lastly, I also did two projects were I traced the pattern from clothes I had.
The first one is leggings, for which I used some interesting fabric left over from a past Halloween that looked like a mermaid tail.
So of course I called them mermaid leggings J
Here the leggings with detail of the fabric and how they look worn.
I also made an outfit for New Years. It had a tulle skirt which I made by cutting the tulle bottom of a dress that I thrifted but did not fit and using some of the top fabric as the waist band.
It is glittery, yay. I also made a top in silver knit fabric but then decided to wear the original black top I traced it from because I could not wear the really high heeled silver shoes I had being pregnant and such, lol.
But ย I will surely wear it some other occasion or if I get some silver or nude flats.
And that was the recap! Hope you enjoyed it.

Future Projects

Currently I am working on more sewing and crocheting projects for the baby. I will show the results in the next weeks.