My New Now #MondayMotivation

I am revisiting goals and getting back on track

That’s it! It’s just not working. I have not been what I wanted to be ever since the baby is home, and that needs to stop. It needs to change now!

Today I have been reading some blogs during my lunch break, and I realized how lately I am not taking any inspiration and putting it into energy to do anything. I’m just floating around aimlessly, bobbing left and right, always tired, always planning but not doing. Like some sort of paralysis. Something got a hold of me. And it’s not just having a baby. Although the change in routine is certainly not helping. But I wouldn’t even call it a routine. My day is not focused. I’m just losing time left and right.

In April, pretty much right when my baby came home, I started being a Jamberry consultant on the side. The timing seems just great right? And in May, I started my day job again (Man, do I hate that maternity leave is so short in the US. It’s like they hate mothers!)
So I got very excited about Jamberry and put a lot of time into it. Plus less time due to the baby. And now I feel like all the other things I did in my life are just pushed away and have no space left.
And I need to organize my space and time (lol).

My head seems to be filled with endless lists of things I want to do but I can’t prioritize, discard, and just start them. And that needs to change now.

Here are a few goals I have and some ways I want to get there.

  1. Get more organized at home: I want to clean and maintain, but also de-clutter. I have told myself, I don’t mind and it’s normal because of the baby, but I am not really happy with how the house looks. But this also means getting better about communicating and coordinatin,g because I cannot do this all by myself, and I am bad at those two seemingly.
  2. Getting more energy: A few months ago, I wrote a post about this topic, but did I do the things I suggested to myself? No. So, back to the drawing board. I will also include exercise.
  3. Being more productive in general: I also wrote some posts about productivity, but have not followed through. I need to revisit all of them. This is so important for everything. I want to make mundane tasks simple and routine, so they don’t hold me hostage.
  4. Get back to my hobbies: I need to do a little sewing, painting, crocheting, video gaming, general crafts. This one is probably the hardest and depends on the other goals. Having a clean de-cluttered house will make it easier to find space to do my hobbies. But also having more energy is very important.
  5. I want to be more inspiring and interesting in the things I post. But I don’t even know if what I write is interesting. Do people read this? And if they do, does it interest them? Does it bring value to their lifes? I think the best way is to be more consistent with content, be more myself. But also, take a few of my favorite blogs and figure out what is the thing that makes me want to read them, and try to incorporate that into my writing.
I think this is a good list. Next post I want to be a little more concrete about how to get to each goal, and also come up with a way to keep track of them, so I don’t let it slip away again. But not just that. Because that would be boring right? Hopefully my changes do take fruit and I can share some of my projects and pictures as well.
And lastly, I want to also remember to cut myself some slack. Rome wasn’t build in a day and a 5 month old is a lot of work 🙂
I hope you, my reader, enjoyed this post. Please feel free to give me some feedback. Otherwise I don’t know if anyone even wants to read my posts or not.


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