I finally finished a chrochet project again AND started Inktober.
We had family visiting for the first week of October and I got nothing done. But that is totally ok, because I had a wonderful time hanging out with them.
We did a lot of walks in nature ❤

The crocheting I did, is a warm sweater for my little girl. I got some wonderful yarn through a craft party and chose a maritime theme. I pretty much just made up the pattern as I went. The sweater has buttons on the shoulder, but the neckline is so big, it fits over a big baby head without opening the buttons. The arms seem a little short and I may need to add some cuffs at some point. But that is no big deal. I also tried it on my little girl right away, and it fits!

Hoping to get some more inktober in today and another crafty project before next Thursday. Fingers crossed.

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