Baby Tights DIY – Repurpose

This morning was such a nice morning. I heard different birds chirping, saw a little bunny in the melting snow, and had enough time for a relaxed breakfast and coffee. So I got some writing done. This is what I had planned all month, but each day there was something that sucked all the time away. Usually, I just got stuck social media browsing.  The worst!

Recently I have been tackling a few crafty sewing projects that I had been laying around. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is still more than a lifetime worth of craft project backlog, but I am starting to chip away at it.

I am doing some sewing projects for the baby. I have to do them via hand sewing though, because they have to be able to be done in the nursery, watching the little one play in a safe environment. The living room has become a hazard again, as she is now a master climber *sigh*. We cannot wait for the Pikler Triangle that my husband is building to be done. If you do not know what a Pikler Triangle is, check out this one on Amazon:

Pikler Triangle / Children’s Wooden Climbing Structure / Great for Montessori Toddler Classroom or Household (Foldable – 35″H x 26″W x 4″D made w/ Pine and Cherry)

We have decided to make one ourselves, which is turning into quite a project and will not look nearly as good LOL.

Anyways, when I have to be in the babies room for crafts, I seem to be most successful, aka drawing the least attention, with hand sewing. I tried drawing, but she wants my pencil and paper within seconds. So hand sewing it is. I am currently working on a dress as well as a onesie re-purposed from a shirt. But I have recently finished some baby tights from a gray sweat shirt of my husband that he no longer wears. Baby tights are pretty easy. I also made my own pattern from another pair of tights. I am writing below how I did it and also have some pictures for you.


  1. A pair of currently fitting baby tights
  2. A very stretchy fabric (e.g. from old leggings, thin sweaters etc.)
  3. Thread
  4. Something to draw your pattern on and with 🙂
  5. About 1 foot of elastic for the waist band (measure the width of the pattern tights)


  1. Lay your tights flat on top of the pattern paper, or if clear then below. I used clear construction paper so I put the tights underneath
  2. Trace along the seams, flip and repeat
  3. Add seam allowance to each pattern piece. I did this on the fabric.
  4. Lay out your fabric and trace around the pattern. If you haven’t added the seam allowance to your pattern, add it now on the fabric. Be mindful of the fabrics bias, but it should be pretty stretchy in both directions.
  5. Sew side seams
  6. Fold over upper edge and sew leaving a small opening to insert the elastic
  7. Insert elastic in top seam and pull through. sew together both sides of the elastic, then close the hole in the waistband seam.


Here are the pictures to the process, with a little mistake that I had to correct along the way 😀

Baby Tights Pattern
Pattern traced from existing baby tights
tracing tights pattern
Tracing the pattern onto the fabric
Cut Pattern Pieces
Seam allowance added and pattern pieces cut
Rounded Tights Foot
Noticed that I could not have a heel and toe on my pattern, or the seam would be right under the foot and uncomfortable. So I rounded the foot.
Baby Tights Front
Front view of finished baby tights
Baby Tights Back
Back view of finished baby tights

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