Old and new sewing projects

In August I visited my family in Germany. What a great trip. It is so nice to see everyone again, but it also makes you miss them more 🙁 But I will go soon again.

Also, I was finally able to take some pictures of a dress I made for my sister. It’s plaid cotton fabric with a little bit of stretch in it. I drafted the pattern myself with the help of the book “Metric Pattern Cutting” by Winifred Aldrich. It is essentially a button down shirt with a simple shirt collar. On the bottom I added a ruffled stripe to make the skirt part.

Then I did two little projects so far in September. One is a bag for my new sewing machine made of old jeans.

The other a little bag for water color brushes also of old jeans. I just bought the brushes and need to start some water color painting soon.

Today is my posting day and I fixed the layout of the blog. Unfortunately I do not feel that great because I got sunburned quite bad at the Badger Game yesterday.

Love Nature

I want to start painting and drawing again. When I was a kid I used to paint all the time.
A couple years back I bought a really nice easel – one you can pack up and easily take out into nature to paint or make sketches. Has been gathering dust 🙁 Not cool…

When I was digging through some old paining of mine I found this nice little nature scene:

And a quick drawing of love that I like much: