Post Migration Done!

It has been done: I have migrated my old posts from Blogger over to WordPress.

I used this tutorial to do so, and it has worked smoothly:

And that’s all I had to say today  😀

New Blog, New Project

A New Blog, A New Rhythm

It has been a while and a blog away since I wrote a real post. Since then, I have switched my blog and website over to WordPress, and am now starting with a new plan for posts. I already have some great ideas including a new project. Writing this, I feel like a broken record.  So what is different this time?

Routine! Yes, such a simple but effective thing: a set time slot every day for me to write.

However, to make this happen, a few other pieces had to fall in place first.

Believe it or not, after having my baby last February, it took me just over a year to find a good rhythm for my day. There has been some letting go of schedules and plans. That was the hardest part. Nobody likes to part with their expectations.

But suddenly it hit me: I need to find routines. They say children need routines to be balanced and happy, but as much as I love the idea of spontaneity, if I am really honest with myself, I also need routines to be balanced and more productive. OK, I probably knew this one a while. Have I not read and wrote about a book to form habits? Silly me!

And finally I have implemented a writing routine. Of course it all has to change again soon with kindergarten and other activities. But now I know I need to find a routine quickly to make things go smoothly.

I am very lucky to have a baby that likes to sleep in, which she has definitely learned from her father, who is a stay at home dad. And instead of trying to force an early breakfast onto the two, I have decided to use this time for some alone time, and to write posts for this blog. I am actually really excited and look forward to this time.

My New Project: Wolves

Last but certainly not least, I want to talk about my new project. It is a fan art side project I am doing to

  1. Express my love for a great video game, and
  2. To exercise my drawing and painting skills.

The project is a comic about a famous NPC in the game The Long Dark. The character has been nicknamed Fluffy, and is a wolf.

The game, The Long Dark, is a survival game against the harsh coldness of Canadian winter after apocalyptic events, and wolves are one of the main living enemies in the game (although the wildlife is certainly not THE main enemy of the game).

Fluffy is a wolf that seemed to be a glitch in an earlier sandbox release, and would re-spawn in an indoor location previously thought safe, making it a particularly big nuisance. It turned out, this was no glitch, but intention. The strong reactions in the user community were where she got her unique name. Despite the annoyance people expressed, it was still an endearing name: Fluffy. This seems to speak a lot for what a great fan base this game has.

Liz, one of my Twitter friends (@wabbitstewed ), and also lover of the game, is collaborating with me for this fan art project. It was actually her idea. She wants to do the writing and story board, and I will do the artwork. Likely we both will end up contributing to each other’s side of the piece. The story is a fictional back story for Fluffy the wolf as imagined by Liz.

If you want to find out more about the Long Dark, and I can highly recommend this game, check out their site:

And for a little more info on Fluffy, here is her page in the wiki:

As a preparation for this project, and while waiting for more story details, I have started to draw wolves in different poses. Today, I had the idea to start a little sketch series for myself called “A Wolf A Day”. This shall be my personal challenge to keep drawing every day and be ready for this project. I have already sketched a few wolves, but as you can see there is still much to practice.

Wolves Sketch 1

Wolves Sketch 2

I am starting today. Isn’t Valentine’s day a perfect day to start my series? I will post my sketches on my Patreon every day, and then release them on Instagram and other social media the day after.

I hope you will enjoy. And please, let me know your thoughts and questions. 

My Blog Moved

Hello all, I have moved my site and blog to WordPress. I am still playing around and setting everything up.

I am already planning and writing new posts for you <3

Some of my old posts I may move to here once I have figured out how to do that.


Finally: My New Website

I have finally done it and created my website. Now I have a hub to link all of my shops and social media accounts.
In the interest of time, I used a template from W3School, an online tutorial page for web development. It’s a lovely recourse and their templates are free to use.
At some point I will make it all my own design, but with a little babe time is sparse 😀
So, without further ado, check out my page:

Un-Thread – TGIF

This truly is an un-thread. I am trying to make sense of this tangled mess of thoughts about blogging and other social media.
So what happened?

The progression of thoughts – to whom it may concern:

I had a baby. Yep. If you have kids that may say everything right there. Now, it has been 9 months, so it’s old news. But it is getting more and more time intensive. Do I miss the days I could just feed and lay her back in the crib, ha!
She now is crawling, pulling herself up and teething which makes her sleep worse. Overall that means she needs more of our time and attention.
I tried doing something while she is playing in the living room. Nope! I got like 1 minute, then she will be across the room  trying to eat dog toys or cords.
Her room is safer but of course she does not want to be in there if I am not, and I am limited in the resources I can use.
I am trying to interest her in being in the high chair for a while and play while I draw at the kitchen table.
Though, I really cannot complain. My husband, who is taking care of her during the day when I work, is also spending time with her at night and making dinner so I can get some art done.
Speaking of art: this leads to the news. I have done about half of Inktober and that really got me excited about doing art again.
As usual I have grand plans, which are likely too grand for the amount of time I really have for art in a day. I have to use the weekends in the morning.
But I am determined! I have even set up a Patreon page for my art.
Check it out:

All good and well, but this is really where my dilemma starts: what to write where and how often?
Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Patreon besides this blog, I am at a loss.
At the moment, my plan kinda looks like this:

  • Patreon: I will post my WIP art, sketches, behind the scenes thoughts, which I won’t put anywhere else. Any finished pieces a few days before elsewhere and offer special prices 🙂
  • Instagram: Any of my finished art pieces a few days later than Patreon. But I also use this for other pictures like my crafting, photos of nature walks, etc.
  • Twitter: Same as Instagram, but some random funny thoughts and retweets, of course.
  • Facebook Page: I really don’t know about this one. It feels awkward to post there. Maybe just finished pieces and shop links.

So this leaves me with figuring out this blog. I know I am kidding myself if I think I can post something multiple times a week, but maybe I can at least get 3 to 4 posts into a month.
Topic-wise I am thinking of these:

  • 1 Craft post about any sewing, crochet or other crafty things. This means Thread Thursday is gone for now, because I just don’t have enough time.
  • 1 Nature photo post
  • 1 Summary post of all the art I did that month. I may make this 2 posts depending on how it going. 

I am known for lofty goals, so we will see. Please bear with me 😉
Oh yeah, and I am also working on a webpage. It’s gonna be pretty simple, and really just a hub to connect all the links.

So that’s my plan. I hope you come back next week for a new post, and below all of the Inktober drawings I made. Let me know which one you like best.

Thread Thursday: Sweater Weather

I finally finished a chrochet project again AND started Inktober.
We had family visiting for the first week of October and I got nothing done. But that is totally ok, because I had a wonderful time hanging out with them.
We did a lot of walks in nature ❤

The crocheting I did, is a warm sweater for my little girl. I got some wonderful yarn through a craft party and chose a maritime theme. I pretty much just made up the pattern as I went. The sweater has buttons on the shoulder, but the neckline is so big, it fits over a big baby head without opening the buttons. The arms seem a little short and I may need to add some cuffs at some point. But that is no big deal. I also tried it on my little girl right away, and it fits!

Hoping to get some more inktober in today and another crafty project before next Thursday. Fingers crossed.

Sunday Impressions: Afternoon Walk












The late afternoon, before sunset, is really the best time for a walk. The sun makes everything look so pretty. I guess that is why they call it golden hour. You can see I love flowers and playing with my new(ish) Canon.
We walk the dogs and baby. It is very relaxing and we get some fresh air. It seems the dogs and we need this, or you can tell the onset of cabin fever 🙂 Everyone gets grumpy.
I am half looking forward to the change of the season and half the time it makes me sad.
I will miss the sun and long days the most, that wonderful bright summer energy. When the days get shorter, everything seems so gloomy. Makes me want to just curl up in a blanket. And I regret not using the pool as much as I should have. Maybe we need to jump in one more time to say goodbye.
However I love all of the seasons, and Fall especially. The beautiful colors of the leaves, teas and pumpkin spice, sweaters, scarves and boots, the fresh breeze, Thanksgiving and Halloween. What is not to love? Makes me always so reminiscent of my childhood. But then even in winter’s gloom we can make it so cozy and nostalgic with Christmas decoration. The wonderful lights brightening the dark season, fun in the snow and peppermint hot chocolates. Ahh, I am so happy I can now re-live all the fun by making the seasons special for my child. And in spring we will go on cabin adventures. I have a plan, and will tell more in a future post.
In other news, we tried a week of Blue Apron. It is a service that sends you all the ingredients for a certain amount of meals, based on which subscription plan you chose. We did the 3 meals for 2 people version. I think it’s a neat idea, especially if you are not very versed in cooking and have little time to get the ingredients. It is however a little pricey for us at the moment at around $60, which makes it $10 a meal a person. Maybe we will come back it in the future.
I hope you enjoyed my Sunday Impressions, this time actually posted on a Sunday lol.