Sunday Impressions: Afternoon Walk












The late afternoon, before sunset, is really the best time for a walk. The sun makes everything look so pretty. I guess that is why they call it golden hour. You can see I love flowers and playing with my new(ish) Canon.
We walk the dogs and baby. It is very relaxing and we get some fresh air. It seems the dogs and we need this, or you can tell the onset of cabin fever 🙂 Everyone gets grumpy.
I am half looking forward to the change of the season and half the time it makes me sad.
I will miss the sun and long days the most, that wonderful bright summer energy. When the days get shorter, everything seems so gloomy. Makes me want to just curl up in a blanket. And I regret not using the pool as much as I should have. Maybe we need to jump in one more time to say goodbye.
However I love all of the seasons, and Fall especially. The beautiful colors of the leaves, teas and pumpkin spice, sweaters, scarves and boots, the fresh breeze, Thanksgiving and Halloween. What is not to love? Makes me always so reminiscent of my childhood. But then even in winter’s gloom we can make it so cozy and nostalgic with Christmas decoration. The wonderful lights brightening the dark season, fun in the snow and peppermint hot chocolates. Ahh, I am so happy I can now re-live all the fun by making the seasons special for my child. And in spring we will go on cabin adventures. I have a plan, and will tell more in a future post.
In other news, we tried a week of Blue Apron. It is a service that sends you all the ingredients for a certain amount of meals, based on which subscription plan you chose. We did the 3 meals for 2 people version. I think it’s a neat idea, especially if you are not very versed in cooking and have little time to get the ingredients. It is however a little pricey for us at the moment at around $60, which makes it $10 a meal a person. Maybe we will come back it in the future.
I hope you enjoyed my Sunday Impressions, this time actually posted on a Sunday lol.

Sunday Impressions


In the last weeks of July and beginning of August, my mom came to visit.
It was very nice, but also stressful because she was staying at our house for two and a half weeks. I wish she could just come over for an afternoon, but she lives in Germany.
That is awfully far away to just pop in 🙂. Of course, she wanted to see her granddaughter – For the first time!
Despite some of the tension – especially around cleaning as it is norm for a good mother, I guess – we still had a great time. She made a billion videos and pictures of the baby.
But during her visit, another thing happened. I remembered some of the routines we had in Germany in my childhood. We used to eat at the table, and had everything sitting out so you can make your plate right there.
My husband and I had fallen into watching a show during dinner. Which is fun and sometimes the only way to find time to watch a show, but it loses some of the family time feeling, the togetherness.
I feel like I want to cultivate that again, especially now with the little one.
My mom’s visit also brought back the motivation to make art, craft and work in the garden. And one big take away: to slow down and enjoy the moment. It was not possible as much with my mom, and I regret that. As often, one looks back to how a day was spend and sees how it could have been used better. But I can only look forward and try and be more mindful.
We have a nice back yard that I want to spend more time in, and there are so many craft projects I want to finish. I have them now all in bags in my sewing room, ready to be tackled 🙂.
For my blog, the mini trips we took with my mom on the weekends gave me the idea of Sunday Impressions. A section, where I can just share some nice pictures and moments of the week.
I want to convey some of the calmness and motivation that nature gives me, and the meditative feeling of crafts and art. Like now, sitting in my sun room and hearing the birds tweet fills my heart with joy.
I am also taking inspiration for these posts from a blog I love: Posie Gets Cozy
Alicia Paulson writes such great posts and starts them off with wonderful warm pictures of her idyllic home and family as well as great nature in the best golden light. I admire this and want to send the same vibes to my readers.
The pictures above are from a few trips my mom and I did as well as other moments I enjoyed recently.

Photo Correction – White Background

My plan for today was to take some pictures of the earrings I finished yesterday, make more clovers for my St. Patrick’s day earrings and make the arm-knitted scarf. So far I have not done any of that 🙂
Had quite a long drive home due to tons of snow. I can hear a neighbor right now outside – sounds like stuck … ugh.
And over my lunch break today I found a great post on one of the blogs I am following about How To Edit a White Background for Your Photos. It’s a great tutorial – check it out.
So I had to try it out on one of my earring pictures and I am quite pleased. Check out the before and after below:

I want to do that on some more pictures and will then update them on Etsy. Maybe I will take some more photos tonight. With the short days in winter this is invaluable as you get not enough daylight to make great lighted pictures. Also it is almost impossible to naturally get a good white background with just an iPhone camera, but that is all I have right now.