#Mermay Recap and Summer Dreams

MerMay 2018

Yes, it is June, and yes, I did participate in Mermay – if only a littleΒ  πŸ™‚

I have a few things brewing, including some crafting for the babe, gardening and reviving habit plans. But the main focus is still my art, if we are talking creative activities. Of course spending time with my family and caring for my little one always comes first – at least for me.

It is almost summer now, and sure feels like it with many warm days and even some water fun for the babe already.

This weather puts me in the mood to paint summer and travel related things.

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Un-Thread – TGIF

This truly is an un-thread. I am trying to make sense of this tangled mess of thoughts about blogging and other social media.
So what happened?

The progression of thoughts – to whom it may concern:

I had a baby. Yep. If you have kids that may say everything right there. Now, it has been 9 months, so it’s old news. But it is getting more and more time intensive. Do I miss the days I could just feed and lay her back in the crib, ha!
She now is crawling, pulling herself up and teething which makes her sleep worse. Overall that means she needs more of our time and attention.
I tried doing something while she is playing in the living room. Nope! I got like 1 minute, then she will be across the room  trying to eat dog toys or cords.
Her room is safer but of course she does not want to be in there if I am not, and I am limited in the resources I can use.
I am trying to interest her in being in the high chair for a while and play while I draw at the kitchen table.
Though, I really cannot complain. My husband, who is taking care of her during the day when I work, is also spending time with her at night and making dinner so I can get some art done.
Speaking of art: this leads to the news. I have done about half of Inktober and that really got me excited about doing art again.
As usual I have grand plans, which are likely too grand for the amount of time I really have for art in a day. I have to use the weekends in the morning.
But I am determined! I have even set up a Patreon page for my art.
Check it out:

All good and well, but this is really where my dilemma starts: what to write where and how often?
Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Patreon besides this blog, I am at a loss.
At the moment, my plan kinda looks like this:

  • Patreon: I will post my WIP art, sketches, behind the scenes thoughts, which I won’t put anywhere else. Any finished pieces a few days before elsewhere and offer special prices πŸ™‚
  • Instagram: Any of my finished art pieces a few days later than Patreon. But I also use this for other pictures like my crafting, photos of nature walks, etc.
  • Twitter: Same as Instagram, but some random funny thoughts and retweets, of course.
  • Facebook Page: I really don’t know about this one. It feels awkward to post there. Maybe just finished pieces and shop links.

So this leaves me with figuring out this blog. I know I am kidding myself if I think I can post something multiple times a week, but maybe I can at least get 3 to 4 posts into a month.
Topic-wise I am thinking of these:

  • 1 Craft post about any sewing, crochet or other crafty things. This means Thread Thursday is gone for now, because I just don’t have enough time.
  • 1 Nature photo post
  • 1 Summary post of all the art I did that month. I may make this 2 posts depending on how it going. 

I am known for lofty goals, so we will see. Please bear with me πŸ˜‰
Oh yeah, and I am also working on a webpage. It’s gonna be pretty simple, and really just a hub to connect all the links.

So that’s my plan. I hope you come back next week for a new post, and below all of the Inktober drawings I made. Let me know which one you like best.

Ahm hi there….

Oh, oops, I guess I forgot I had a blog for a little while (a month and a half).

And now I don’t know where to start. I did a few watercolor and coffee color paintings.
Here they are!

For Easter, I also painted some eggs:

Now I am starting a bigger project that should allow for weekly updates: I’m making a coloring book.
The idea is myths and legends from different countries. I want to do one country per page and one legend per country. I asked around a little to get ideas for which countries I should do.
In the end, it will be a mix of mostly random plus a few I really wanted to include like Germany (my home country) and Spain (I’m visiting this summer).

Here the list and the plan is to start this week:

  1. Barbados
  2. France
  3. Tunisia
  4. Norway
  5. Bolivia
  6. Spain
  7. Tokelau
  8. Poland
  9. San Marino
  10. Mexico
  11. Costa Rica
  12. Zimbabwe
  13. Lithuania
  14. Tonga
  15. Ireland
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. China
  18. Senegal
  19. The Bahamas
  20. Belgium
  21. Congo
  22. Puerto Rico
  23. Bangladesh
  24. Germany
  25. Argentina

The revival of a blog…and other short stories

Once upon a time there was a little blog. The blog’s owner was creative, artsy, and crafty and promised to write many, many posts to fill the blog and show all the readers fun glimpses of her creative process.
This made the little blog really happy and it was frolicking the interwebs.
But something evil was brewing unknown to the little blog. Its poor owner was soon captured in the claws of busy life and work sucking all motivation and creativity from her core.
The poor little blog had to live in darkness and miserable hunger. No one to feed it and no one to care for it.

So kids: do we want a happy ending for the poor little blog? Sure we do!

And so it was revived! Yay! *clapping and cheering*

I bet many of you who had the ambition to write a blog know this story very well.
But I intend to revive this blog after a year of inactivity.
Many things happened including new craft projects and a new-found interest in art.
I acquired some inking and watercolor tools as well as pencils to try myself at drawing and painting and now also inking again. (some pictures of those below)

I have also added my friend Kim to the blog, who will share some of her crafty projects as well (I hope πŸ˜€ )
I’m hoping to add something about her to the “about” page soon.

So, stay tuned!

Love Nature

I want to start painting and drawing again. When I was a kid I used to paint all the time.
A couple years back I bought a really nice easel – one you can pack up and easily take out into nature to paint or make sketches. Has been gathering dust πŸ™ Not cool…

When I was digging through some old paining of mine I found this nice little nature scene:

And a quick drawing of love that I like much: