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What if you had a way to excape the overwelm even just for a moment?

Do you feel lots of stress and overwhelm with the demands of a hectic job or wild kids to tame?

Are you stuck indoors? Are there toxic people in your life that just get on your nerves? Maybe you feel a disconnect, a block in your energy flow.

In those times do you long for break in a quiet, relaxing place just for you? Somewhere you can get grounded and centered again? Maybe you have tried meditation apps, plants in your office, jounaling and more, but it still seems too hard to get to a mindful and calm mental state. Then …

Let’s Build A Portal To Your Refuge

What is that? Let me tell you all about it below!

If you don’t feel like reading, watch me explain in this video.

It is many things: a painting, a mindful discovery session, mindfulness practices, and digital sketches of and to the place of your utmost peace and rest. In short, it is A Mindful Fine Art Package! And I am so excited to offer this to you – to imagine and create a path to a mindful mental state for and with you!

Imagine you had a magic portal to a secret space just for you, somewhere outside of the daily rush and worry.

Where do you feel safe enough to let your true self shine? Is it a corner of a garden overflowing with abundant nature? Is it a magical land inhabited by mystical creatures?

Is it a calm and tranquil oasis that helps you deepen your meditation and discover your innermost truths? Or is it your sacred space where you show up to meet your divine guides?

I want to help you connect to that place. We will spend time together imagining and exploring this portal to your refuge.

To bring it to life, I will create a personal painting of this sacred space for you. So that any time you feel the need to calm your nervous system or ground yourself from the craziness in your life, all you have to do is to step through your portal. Experience a moment of rest and tranquility. Reconnect to your inner peace, find your divine center and recharge your energy. You’ll be able to face life again, in a calm and collected way, capable of weathering the storm.

Forest View – Windows to Nature Series

I get it, I needed to combat my own stress and worries and re-connect to my inner child.

From a very young age I was deeply fascinated by nature and loved creating. From painting, to crochet or any type of arts and crafts. For a while I lost this connection to my creative side and pursued a more technical and analytical career in IT. However by my mid 30s, I rediscovered my love for art and especially deepened my love for watercolor and its magic of unpredictability and flow.

Being in the flow and mindfulness became more and more important to me. On one had due to being creative and making art again. But also as I became a mother in 2017. I wanted my child to experience the magic of the universe, parent in a more gentle and mindful way to not give on generational trauma from my ancestors as well as becoming the parent that I wished for as a child. I also wanted to combat my own stress and worries and reconnect to my inner child.

This is me

All of this led me to diving mindfulness, so much so that I started a podcast on mindfulness together with my like-minded friend Jackie: The Becoming Mindful Podcast. Our mission is to not only expand our own knowledge and practice of being mindful, but also give it on to others to help them on their path as well as holding ourselves more accountable.

All of this has found its way into my art as well. Last year I painted a series of Windows to Nature, that were in a way the precursor to the portal idea.

Your portal will be a powerful tool for your mindful practice: unlocking the power of imagination and intuition

Waterfall View – Windows to Nature Series

Why is mindfulness so important to me? Mindfulness is an essential component of a healthy, fulfilling life. By cultivating mindfulness, we can learn to be fully present in the moment, to let go of worries about the past or future, and to appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

I believe that spending time in nature is the easiest way to a mindful state. It allows us to connect with something greater than ourselves, to feel grounded and calm, and to gain perspective on our lives.

But oftentimes we cannot spend time in nature, and may struggle to connect to a mindful state. This is where I want your portal to come in. I wish for your portal to be a powerful tool for cultivating mindfulness.

It may encourage you to slow down and engage with our senses in a more focused way. When you view your portal, you can take the time to notice the details – the colors, textures, shapes, and lines – and let yourself enter your safe place and be fully present in the moment.

I hope this will help you quiet your mind and to let go of distractions, worries and stress, allowing you to connect more deeply with the universe and with yourself.

You may ask how can a painting do this? Let me tell you that this is not just a painting.

What’s included?

Venture Through Your Portal Session

We will actually venture to through your portal in a one-on-one session. In this session we will get to know each other and uncover your personal issues or any stresses that come up often. Then I will guide you through an immersive journey through your portal to your safe space. At the same time, we set up your expectation for what the image will look like.

Mindfulness Practices For Your Daily Life

Based on this session I will create mindfulness practices just for you and your portal. These could be recorded guided meditation through your portal, mindfulness exercises and prompts for mindful journaling. You can use them in your daily life while waiting for the portal to finish and also afterwards, as a tool to connect with your safe space.

Scenes Of Your Portal

Then, while we build this portal together, I will send you 4 to 6 smaller digital sketches or “scenes of your portal”. With these you will see your vision come to life right in front of you.

Your Very Own Portal To Your Refuge

And at the end you will receive your personal portal as an original watercolor and gouache artwork to go along with your personal practices for your daily life.

Tree of life with fireflies – Scenes of my portal
Flower Garden View – Windows to Nature Series


Find out what others say about working with me on commissions and my art.

“After seeing Maria’s work, I decided to commission her to create an image of a Goddess that means a lot to me. Communication was amazing! Maria was very thorough in obtaining information for the piece that she was creating. She kept intouch through the whole process, and had incorporated everything I was looking for and then some. The order was shipped quickly and the painting was absolutely gorgeous upon delivery! I will definitely be ordering from her again in the future!”

– Melissa

“Working with Maria was a breeze. I gave her D&D Player character descriptions and their race and class and she brought them to life in stunning watercolor. 10/10.”

– Jeremy

“Maria is an absolute joy to work with! She listens closely, asks good questions, and truly puts her heart and soul into her work. The portrait she created for me is incredibly well-done and a fantastic homage to my mom.”

– Amanda

“Working with Maria was an incredibly smooth and easy process. The circumstances of my order required a tight turnaround time as it needed to be ready for a funeral for someone who unexpectedly passed away. Without much effort from me, Maria understood what I was looking for and understood why I choose the gift I had. She gave me options without it being complicated, she kept me up to date on the order and the results were fantastic.”

– Missi G.

Only 6 slots for the coming quarter.
Get first dibs when you join the waitlist.

As much as I wish I could paint all day, I will only have capacity for 6 portals in a quarter.

The slots are currently not open for booking. you can still join the waitlist to get a head start next round.

When you book, we will discuss all the details and I even have a contract for you, in case something comes up for you and you need to back out, as well as making sure you know exactly what you get and when.

So what does this cost? And other questions answered.

18 x 24 inch paper for reference
Ocean View – Windows to Nature Series

This is a whole package and easily valued much over $1000 because it includes not only an original artwork but also a discovery and mindfulness session, mindfulness practices specific for you and your portal, as well as digital sketches.

I am offering the full package for $400 (paid by phase):

  • 25% up front which covers my setup and the “venture through your portal” session” and the mindfulness practices = $100,
  • another 25% after the sketches = $100
  • and the remaining 50% at delivery = $200

Some other questions you may have.

What size is the final painting?

The size is 18 x 24 inches, but I am open for smaller sizes as well.

What about frame and shipping?

This offer includes the painting and shipping to you. As frames are usually heavy and increase the packaging and shipping cost a bit, I would only offer this as an add on.

What if you want to but money is tight right now?

Don’t worry, we can figure something out. I don’t want cost to be a reason that you deny yourself this portal, the refuge you can access through it and the work we will do together. If this is an issue for you, please reach out to me and we can talk about a payment plan or even a modular approach.

Too long to read? How about a video instead?

That was a lot of text above, and I know I dislike reading long sites like this. So, I made a video for you 🙂

If you have any other questions, you may find them in the details above, and if not please let me know. I am looking forward to working with you to help you relieve your overwhelm and recharge your energy.

I am so excited to create Your “Portal to Your Refuge” together with you.