Art is magic. That’s why paint brushes look like wands.

I am Maria Gehrke.

Maria Gehrke, 2021

Hi, I am Maria. I was born and raised in Germany, did an exchange year in the US, met my husband, and now I live in Milwaukee, WI.

Professionally I work in the IT space, but my greatest free time passion is art.

I am also a mom of a now toddler.
Luckily, I have a wonderful partner, so I have enough free time to follow my passions! Which are (un)fortunately many 🙂

I love drawing with pencil and ink. I have used oil paints and acrylics in the past, but prefer watercolors lately.

I have a few examples of my recent artworks in my portfolio. You will also find my shop here as well as my blog and links to my social media accounts.

I am in the midst of starting a mindfulness podcast with my friend. Check it out if that is an interesting topic: becomingmindfulpodcast.com

But I have many more interests, like a great love for travel and the outdoors, and you will see that reflected in my artwork. I’m also a video game geek, and love any kinds of crafts.