Art is magic. That’s why paint brushes look like wands.

I am Maria Gehrke.

Maria Gehrke, 2021

Growing up in Germany, I came from a single parent household with only little resources. Because of that I pushed through with a traditional education in a high paying field of work. I ended up moving to the US in 2007 with my husband, who I met in college during an exchange year. I started working working in IT, and had a daughter.

Then one day I discovered my love for painting again, which I had abandoned as a teenager. I met other artists online as well as connecting with my spiritual side when the pandemic hit. Because of this I rediscovered my love for art and my desire to live a mindful, slow, meaningful life connected to nature and serving the greater good.

This lead me to start my art business and to paint my windows to nature. It also lead to my friend Jackie and I starting the Becoming Mindful Podcast, which we want to grow to a community for Mindfulness.

My biggest dream is to live in a small cottage in nature with a garden and do art full time, enjoy the magic of the universe as well as spending most of my time with my family and like-minded souls.

I want my podcast and my art to serve as a portal to mindfulness, tranquility, and the universal magic of nature for people that want to reconnect with their body and mind, find peace and contentment, and ease the stresses of daily life.