About Me

I love making art

If you are reading this, I am probably …
… making art (or adulting).
During the day, I am one of those ominous IT people, but I am also a mom of an infant.
Luckily, I have a wonderful partner, so I can follow my passion during the night: making art!
I love drawing with pencil and ink. I have used oil paints and acrylics in the past, but am super into watercolor lately.

Welcome to my website. I have a few examples of my recent artworks below. You will also find links to all of my different shops as well as social media accounts.

A little more info about myself: I was born and raised in Germany, did an exchange year in the US, met my husband, and now I live in Milwaukee, WI. I have a big love for travel and the outdoors, and you will see that this reflects in my artwork. I’m also a huge video game geek, which may or may not influence my art (it will).

If you would like to see my art before anyone else and exclusive work in progress shots and sketches, which I do not post anywhere else, please become a patron of mine on Patreon or subscribe to my email list for latest news, freebies and discounts


Here are some of my latest pieces of art
Click on the images to make them bigger