Gallery of Friends – April 2021

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Below are the artworks from the April 2021 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

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Daffodil dragon - Lizzy

Title: Daffodil dragon
Artist: Lizzy
Other Links: Patreon
The March Birth flower dragon is a daffodil dragon. He is very proud of his yellow petals around the neck.

Crush and the Boys - Josh Yurche

Title: Crush and the Boys
Artist: Josh Yurche
Based on a sketch I did months ago. I’ve had this idea in mind for sooo long and finally had some time to do it. This is 12”x36” acrylic on canvas using @goldenpaints. Unnamed for the moment.

Chamomile - Eesha Hariramani

Title: Chamomile
Artist: Eesha Hariramani
Other Links: Etsy

Continuing my flower series ahead.. this time with CHAMOMILE. Thanks to my friend Jacylnn @dustyjadestudio for hosting this wonderful floral lettering challenge. 🤗 (swipe⏪ to know more about it..)

I totally enjoyed this loose style of painting chamomile flowers. Thats the reason iv been painting flowers these days.. watching tutorials and learning how to use minimum color with wet on wet effect.. watercolor techniques jus amaze me..😍 for the 1st time (i wud like to confess💬) iv painted these chamomile flowers without using any white! Yeah.. 🥳💪
how do u like it?? 😁

Love n Grace 🌷🌈

NYC: Under a Bridge - Cara V

Title: NYC: Under a Bridge
Artist: Cara V
Photo study (12/30): somewhere else in NYC 😂

Photo reference from by @mindz.eye bc I wanted to try out more cityscape brushes from @devinellekurtz! Phew buildings are tiring to do haha 😖 enjoyed adding the light in though! What do you think?

I haven’t been posting much— in fact I’ve hardly had any time to draw between work and making decisions about Expensive Events lol. I always thought I was rather decisive, but…turns out, I’m really not 😂😂😂 any tips on making decisions quickly?

Old gecko in his garden - Melissa Le Gall

Title: Old gecko in his garden
Artist: Melissa Le Gall
This was my third entry for the April animal challenge. I wanted to picture something similar to the lofi imagery : relaxing, relating to quiet and happy memories.

Crimson Sunbird - Castor

Title: Crimson Sunbird
Artist: Castor
“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Unknown.
Crimson Sunbird [LC] – Southern Asia
– Huge Thanks to @bryanltm for the permission 🙇‍♂️

Dugong - Helen Page

Title: Dugong
Artist: Helen Page
Prompt 7

The dugong is a species of sea cow which is on the vulnerable list.
Marine mammal that grazes on sea grass during day & night. Locates food with help of sensitive bristles on upper lip.

Found in shallows of Indian & Western Pacific oceans. Australia has largest number.

The female gives birth every 3 -7 yrs. They can live up to 70yrs.
Habitat loss & water pollution effects them. If not enough sea grass, they dont breed normally

A creature I have never seen which definitely deserves a mention.
Learn more @greatbarrierreeffoundation

Thank you for another great prompt @ecowarrior8888

C is for Chameleon ❤ - Gina Carranza Perez

Title: C is for Chameleon ❤
Artist: Gina Carranza Perez
Wildlife Alphabet series

The Vision - Pigi Glarou

Title: The Vision
Artist: Pigi Glarou
Lord of the Rings theme.
Elrond is having the vision of Estel, aka Aragorn as the future king of men and the one who will stand against darkness and unite them. This is why he named him Estel, which means hope. I chose this one, for these times we all need hope.
Graphite and color pencils on A3 paper of 220gr

Gingko - Emmanuelle Bru

Title: Gingko
Artist: Emmanuelle Bru
La dernière des aquarelles à l’encre @ecolinedeutschland de @royaltalensfrance

Un petit ginkgo qui a déjà trouvé sa nouvelle maison 🥰

Toujours aussi agréablement surprise de l’intensité de ces couleurs !

Feutres : @fabercastellfrance
Papier : @hahnemuehle_global

The last of the @ecolinedeutschland ink watercolors by @royaltalensfrance A little ginkgo that has already found its new home Always so pleasantly surprised by the intensity of these colors! Felts: @fabercastellfrance Paper: @hahnemuehle_global

Purrfect place 🐈 🥰 - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Purrfect place 🐈 🥰
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
I have 2 cats, so don’t ask me why I draw cats soo often 😅 hope you like it🤗

Youngest Sister - Maria Gehrke

Title: Youngest Sister
Artist: Maria Gehrke
Another portrait done. And again one of my sisters, this time my youngest one.
Now I can finally send off all the packages.

I think captured her well, but am a little disappointed in the background color. I think I made it too vibrant / too much color, so the subtle changes in her skin color disappear a little and make the painting look flatter than it did before adding the background. But overall I am pretty happy.
I still have many more portraits to go to get better 😁

Blakistons Fish Owl - Rachel E

Title: Blakistons Fish Owl
Artist: Rachel E
This endangered owl species is the largest owl species on earth, native to SE Asia, China and Japan. Due to destruction of their riverine forest habitat for human settlements and dams only about 1200 individuals remain.

A new superhero - Daniela Tsvetkova

Title: A new superhero
Artist: Daniela Tsvetkova
How do you feel about a fluffy super cute superhero?

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