Gallery of Friends – April 2020

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Below are the artworks from the April 2020 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

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Station Master Spirit - Rufina Blackwell

Title: Station Master Spirit
Artist: Rufina Blackwell
My sister gave me this idea to create various spirits that can live in ordinary things and I instantly had an image of a station master spirit, the one that controls the signalling lights and rings the bell when the train departs, and looks after the lost luggage. That and a steampunk style seemed like a good combination.

Playing for Friends - Ian Bristow

Title: Playing for Friends
Artist: Ian Bristow
I love to play my guitar in the woods and wanted to elaborate on how that could be taken into a fantasy setting with a lute player and an audience of woodland creatures.

Poppy-giraffe in love - Jelena Josipovic

Title: Poppy-giraffe in love
Artist: Jelena Josipovic
I just love how graceful and somehow elegant the giraffes are. It was just an idea to show lovelorn and longing through this image of giraffe with a poppy.

Oranges - Terangpi K

Title: Oranges
Artist: Terangpi K
A slow life gives you peace. You are just doing every thing at your own pace. The world spins faster than you can ever imagine but that’s OK. You take your time. Take time to sip that tea while you watch out the window, take time to water your plants and touch every leaf, take time to pluck oranges in the backyard. You planted it six years ago and it only started to bear fruit now. But that’s OK..

Self portrait with punk pooch - Crystal James

Title: Self portrait with punk pooch
Artist: Crystal James
This is my self portrait. Back when I was in college. With a Mexican hairless pooch, bit my dog but cute.

Temple Over the Dolomites - Jonathan Wiltshire

Title: Temple Over the Dolomites – Oil on Linen
Artist: Jonathan Wiltshire
Other Links: Pinterest
My intention is to feel sacred places in Nature, to sense or intuit their super-physical realities, and to express that.

Alcázar de Segovia - Bethany Savage

Title: Alcázar de Segovia
Artist: Bethany Savage
Alcazar de Segovia, the most magical castle I’ve ever visited. This painting is for my parents (very late birthday gift) who have lived and served as missionaries in Spain for 35 years. I’ve been wanting to try and paint some of my favorite Spanish spots for a while, but the majestic architecture can seem so big and daunting. But those are always the best paintings, the ones that challenge and inspire me, this is certainly that. And poppies, my parents love poppies and so do I. We stopped so many times as my dad got out to take pictures of the fields of poppies, a blanket of red over the rolling hills. Yes, Spain was a pretty good place to grow up. I love you, Mom and Dad!

City Fox - Valerie de Rozarieux

Title: City Fox
Artist: Valerie de Rozarieux
Other Links: Etsy
I always enjoy painting foxes for a number of reasons , including their wonderful colour and graceful form. This is my first painting of a fox using acrylics and on quite a large canvas, at 1m x 1m – this gave me the opportunity to play with paint!

Dinner - Janine

Title: Dinner
Artist: Janine
Can you guess one of my favorite foot? 😉 this is almost in every dinner I cook. Pasta, Chilli, Pizza, Salat or in a dip.

Stay at home - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Stay at home
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
This work is done to support people who are now in quarantine in this difficult time.

The Fall Of Icarus - Elsie

Title: The Fall Of Icarus
Artist: Elsie
I’ve always been fascinated by the tragic Greek myth of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun. His wings, melting from the heat, fell away and he crashed into the sea. He’s always portrayed as an irrational boy, but
I can’t help but wonder, he had the chance to touch the heavens, would you not do the same?

Amethyst - Naska

Title: Amethyst
Artist: Naska
This is a painting inspired by @saoirsia ‘s #dtiys. I created a background for her OC, as I am not a character artist. I really liked her drawing and the only compromise left is to draw a scenery for the character.

Rough Raven - Kindel Page

Title: Rough Raven
Artist: Kindel Page
I was trying to get a feel for making digital art look like a painting. So I tried to keep the time I spent on this minimal and keep a rougher looser look while still having some detail. And so 2 hours 20mn later! I got this!

Wild Earth Spirit - Wild Ways Designs

Title: Wild Earth Spirit
Artist: Wild Ways Designs
This piece has not even been posted on Instagram or anywhere else yet! This may not even be the final version! So as of now, this is a Gallery of friends exclusive first reveal! This piece was what just what happened as we sketched to some wild music and the memory of how nature fills us to our core! Representing how it’s always a part of us! Always fills us with wonder and life! This image shows how our mountains make us feel! More wild and raw then human!

Selune - Sylvia Strijk

Title: Selune
Artist: Sylvia Strijk
Other Links: Society6
Moon goddess Selune and her white raven. She is an inspiring character in my d&d campaign.

The lighthouse - Lizzy

Title: The lighthouse
Artist: Lizzy
Other Links: Patreon
“After every storm comes a rainbow”. This work was done at a time when I wanted to use just ink, it is somehow somber, but its message is one of hope. The idea of hope is expressed through the lighthouse in the middle of a sea storm. This one had in mind the people who had to stay at home because of the pandemic, and all of us who were suffering because of it.

Faun and Flora - Julie Peterson Shea

Title: Faun and Flora
Artist: Julie Peterson Shea
Portraits and people are not my comfort zone. However, when I participated in Inktober for the first time in 2019 combining many of the different prompt lists inspired me to create this illustration. The idea of being in nature without imposing our own ideas or causing harm resonates with me and this faun is a good representation of this ideal.

Owain Glyndwr and y Ddraig Aur - Rebecca Stockburn

Title: Owain Glyndwr and y Ddraig Aur, watercolour and gouache
Artist: Rebecca Stockburn
The Welsh William Wallace, Owain Glyndwr (c.1359-c.1415) was never captured by or betrayed to the English, he mysteriously vanished back into his misty mountains, and valleys. Alongside Cadwaladr and Arthur, Owain has become a mythical ‘sleeping hero’, who awaits the call to return and defend his people. The golden dragon was his royal standard and seal, it was raised as a flag over the castles he captured from the English. The mound they are sleeping on is Sycharth, his family home which was described as beautiful and wealthy by bards, but which was burnt down by the English. The valley is where he spent most of his life, and where I am now also very lucky to live in.

Winter trees - Lynda

Title: Winter trees
Artist: Lynda Bridges
I normally start by sketching a rough outline in pencil but not this time. I worked wet into wet, building up the layers. I wanted to let the watercolour expand for a more looser effect and just see where it took me. This was my entry for #biancasartchallenge by @artbybianca a great community for landscape artists. The painting was based on a fantastic photograph by @matinpodt

Jellyfish Passing - John Ramsey

Title: Jellyfish Passing
Artist: John Ramsey
Other Links: artist website
Bio-luminescent jellyfish that emerge above the surface when it rains.

Beatushöhlen - Environment Study - Laura Bacher

Title: Beatushöhlen – Environment Study
Artist: Laura Bacher
Just some outdoor view for my quarantine friends! This took me about 5h30! This place is located in Switzerland.

Nightmare in Wonderland - John Anthony Rodriguez

Title: Nightmare in Wonderland
Artist: John Anthony Rodriguez
A mashup of 2 beloved stories, made by a Tim Burton fan

Sunset with whales - Alleff Augusto

Title: Sunset with whales
Artist: Alleff Augusto
Other Links:
I drew the boy adventuring with his friendly killer whales!

Fly - Maria Gehrke

Title: Fly
Artist: Maria Gehrke
Other Links: artist website
This is an entry for the art challenge #quarantober with the prompt fly. I immediately thought of birds, but as it is also Spring and I needed some flowers during this gloomy time of isolation, I decided on a bird in a cherry blossom tree.

Harvey - Louise Watts

Title: Harvey
Artist: Louise Watts
Other Links: Shop this piece
This as a commission in pen and ink on Bristol for the owner’s cat, Harvey, and as the owners are craft beer lovers, I created a scene with him amongst the hops – the mushrooms are my touch! The whole piece was approximately 14 hours work from start to finish.

Old beach - Lilimae

Title: Old beach
Artist: Lilimae
Another attempt at practicing perception and proportionality! This piece took me a while but overall I was happy with how it turned out!

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