Gallery of Friends – July 2020

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Below are the artworks from the July 2020 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

Back Stories

Waves - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Waves
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
Backstory: Waves again? Why not? 😅 hope you like it!

A rabbit and cowslips - Thu Ha Kueng

Title: A rabbit and primrose
Artist: Thu Ha Kueng
Backstory: I did this piece last year as I wanted to do a series of animals and flowers.

BLM - Cheniva C

Title: BLM
Artist: Cheniva C
Backstory: Black lives matter. It’s actually sad that we still have to repeat that. I’m so thankful that the movement gets so much attention. Maybe I’m naive but I really think this time things will change!
Follow the link in my Instagram bio for ways to help♥️

Beautification - Crystal James

Title: Beautification
Artist: Crystal James
Backstory: Pop-surrealism

Koi maiden - Sylvia Strijk

Title: Koi maiden
Artist: Sylvia Strijk
With this work I wanted to create that magical look of an old fairy tale book. I used to dream away by these kind of images as a child.

Raven - Valerie de Rozarieux

Title: Raven
Artist: Valerie de Rozarieux
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Experimenting with Indian Ink for Inktober.

Branch of Peaches - Kristina Howitt

Title: Branch of Peaches
Artist: Kristina Howitt
An impressionist depiction of peaches on a branch, acrylic, 12×16″


Artist: Pigi Glarou
This was my first commission for a song cover, the title of the drawing is the title of the song also. A friend wrote the lyrics and asked me to make a drawing, giving me two references. We laughed with the part that one of the dice “failed” but I told him to call it abstract art, as we were afraid that erasing and remaking it would ruin the paper! The song starts with this phrase : ” When you look at boys, you shyly blow the dice and in the hollow of your cheeks they miss their steps and fall”

Inkpainting - Assimilation - Kris Kou

Title: Inkpainting – Assimilation
Artist: Kris Kou
Becoming part of nature seems to be a painful, terrifying, or desperate process. But also peaceful, warm and extremely calm.

Kelpie - Cara V

Title: Kelpie
Artist: Cara V
People tell their little ones that kelpies died out eons ago, but the children know, that if they visit a small sea cave in the cliffs of Colpach, and peer deep into the depths of the dark waters…
They might just see a flash of silky mane.

African Tribal Art - Eesha Hariramani

Title: African Tribal Art
Artist: Eesha Hariramani
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I have this love for black and white art. This kind of African Tribal Art captured my eyes and I could not stop myself from sketching it. Its kind of traditional art but brings out a modern and contemporary look! I believe “Black is Beautiful!” Black complements all the other colors, isn’t that wonderful? Even today, black is being shamed in most parts of the world. Its time we embrace it with love! 🖤🤍

Chicken of the Woods - Louise Watts

Title: Chicken of the Woods
Artist: Louise Watts
I love mushrooms – I think most people who know me have realised that truth! I drew this while travelling around Scotland last year. It forms part of a collection of ink illustrations that I turned into a free ebook about the healing potential of mushrooms – “Mushroom Magic: Fungi Food for the Mycelial-Minded”. You can download a free copy when you sign up to my newsletter (link on website). This print is also available in my shop.

Peonies and Red Admiral - Julie Peterson Shea

Title: Peonies and Red Admiral
Artist: Julie Peterson Shea
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I love peonies and look forward to Memorial Day when they bloom. I always make sure to take lots of pictures so that I can draw them. I just wish the blooms lasted longer!

Beautiful lake - Jelena Josipovic

Title: Beautiful lake
Artist: Jelena Josipovic
One impression from our last road trip in Bavaria. A beautiful Neubäuer See….. Always trying to catch the beauty of the nature…. It’s a long way ahead…. But the painting is always enjoyable

Dragon's Fire - Ian Bristow

Title: Dragon’s Fire
Artist: Ian Bristow
What can I say? I love painting dragons.

The morning after - Rufina Blackwell

Title: The morning after
Artist: Rufina Blackwell
Cinderella has always been my favourite fairy tale and it was absolute pleasure to try my hand at a few illustrations to this wonderful story. I wanted to render peace and serenity of the morning when the magic of the ball at the palace and the romance are still hanging in the air. Made in Procreate.

Play Me A Song - John Ramsey

Title: Play Me A Song
Artist: John Ramsey
What does it look like is happening here? I intended one thing however looking at it again I see how narratively ambiguous this scene is.

Anyway, here we have a typical sunny afternoon. The piece was largely improvised but I took a little more time than I have been lately. It was a lot fun working on this.

Forest in daylight - Sofia Larsson

Title: Forest in daylight
Artist: Sofia Larsson
This painting is the result of painting outside in daylight, which makes me think of summer. I tried to capture all of the golden daylight that shone through the forest.

The kissing dragons - Lizzy

Title: The kissing dragons
Artist: Lizzy
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Based on Gustav Klimt’s “The kiss”, this was my entry for the “Month of masters” and, of course, I had to do my version with dragons.

"Baloo" - Kindel Page

Title: “Baloo”
Artist: Kindel Page
Baloo!” The sweetest little wolfdog pup ever! I fell in love with his face!❤❤❤ I wanted to paint this to give to the caretakers parents of this little wolf pup that had a hard star to life! Such fun project! So glad my first acrylic painting in years was this sweet boy! His eyes say it all!!! “I am a wolf! And i am STRONG and WILD!” ❤❤❤❤❤

Flower Mermaid - Maria Gehrke

Title: Flower Mermaid
Artist: Maria Gehrke
Other Links: Artist Website
“I planted seeds beneath this skin. Knowing the sun would always come back to me even if nothing else could. (I always knew I was made of flowers)” quote by @wilderpoetry
My entry to @lizzywatercolor version of #mermay : #lizzylazymermay
The prompt is #flower of course 😁

Cabin - Nasiha Hasic

Title: Cabin
Artist: Nasiha Hasic
This painting is so dear to me because it reminds me of grandpa’s cabin where I used to go there with him. Although he is not among us anymore I still cherish these memories I spent with him.

Look Up - Victoria Wood

Title: Look Up
Artist: Victoria Wood
I love sketching scenes from a different perspective. Inspired by some very clever photography on Instagram

A beautiful beach in the western Caribbean - Lynda Bridges

Title: A beautiful beach in the western Caribbean
Artist: Lynda Bridges
This beautiful beach is in the western Caribbean and is part of the series for “paintings for a group of friends.” I thought it would be great for my friends to tell me of their favourite places and re-visit those treasured memories during the weeks of lockdown.

Wouldn’t it be great to relax on this beach for a while, listening to the soothing waves and rustling palm trees, then cool down in the turquoise waters. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the afternoon!

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