Gallery of Friends – June 2020

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Below are the artworks from the June 2020 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

Back Stories

"wild things" - Crystal James

Title: “wild things”
Artist: Crystal James
Other Links: Website
Backstory: Some of my favorite things jellyfish and colored hair.

“One should listen when old dogs bark.” - Jonathan Wiltshire

Title: “One should listen when old dogs bark.”
Artist: Jonathan Wiltshire
Backstory: Oil painting exercise rendering metal, 11×14, photo source.

Sereia - Sylvia Strijk

Title: Sereia
Artist: Sylvia Strijk
Other Links: Society 6
I imagine that mermaids don’t age the same way other none magical creatures do. Instead of growing old they are slowly consumed by the sea. Returning to the ocean not leaving a trace…⠀

MELANIN QUEEN - Kristina Howitt

Artist: Kristina Howitt
Other Links: Etsy
Yesterday I was silent. I was reading, listening, trying to understand the BLM movement. I guess I have been living as a privileged white woman my whole life. Yes, I’m descended from Indigenous peoples, but I am viewed as Caucasian. One video really struck a chord. It was demonstrating all the precautions a young black man needs to take on a daily basis to avoid discrimination. And no, not just in the U.S, but here in Canada too. My 2 half-brothers are half-black. They experience this same discrimination. We need change. Today I want to take action in my own way. “Melanine Queen” 5×7″, gouache, $80, 100% proceeds donated to NIA Center for Arts

In front of closed doors - Sketchpad on tour

Title: In front of closed doors
Artist: Sketchpad on tour
This is the outside of a beautiful house and doorway. Let’s our mind think about the type of people who might be inside during lock-down.

Hidden - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Hidden
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
Inspired by some stealth games (I love this genre in video games) 😉 hope you like it

Faries Dance at Dusk - Ian Bristow

Title: Faries Dance at Dusk
Artist: Ian Bristow
This is a piece I painted as part of a ‘telling a story through characters and composition’ course I’m creating. The course will be available some time later this year I hope. Characters names are Axel (fennec fox) and Kai (forest sprite).

“Colorado Wildflowers” - Casey Bini

Title: “Colorado Wildflowers”
Artist: Casey Bini
I tend to paint places of where I have been and where I want to go. Nature is my ultimate inspiration.

Four in the Apothecary - Julie Peterson-Shea

Title: Four in the Apothecary
Artist: Julie Peterson-Shea
Other Links: website
My cat, Four, modeled for this drawing. When I look at him I am reminded of the cats of Theophile Alexandre Steinlen. When unsure of what to draw next I turn to my fur babies.
“The smallest feline is a masterpiece” Leonardo Da Vinci

Macareux - Emmanuelle Bru

Title: Macareux
Artist: Emmanuelle Bru
I did this one for the #wildlifewednesdaychallenge but I finished it too late to participate. The technical pens are my favorite medium and I like to mix it with silver or gold ink to have some “light” in my drawings.

Flamingo in gouache - Valerie de Rozarieux

Title: Flamingo in gouache
Artist: Valerie de Rozarieux
OK, so another experiment with gouache but with watercolour and without bigger slabs of paint ( as in my recent chameleon)..bit of a different look for me..perhaps more tentative use of paint as I am not comfortable with gouache..still pondering, bit dull? 🤷‍♀️ I shall continue to experiment but that drying different tones really throws me ..😳…⠀

The colours of nature - Daniela Tsvetkova

Title: The colours of nature
Artist: Daniela Tsvetkova
I was captured by an exquisitely beautiful photograph of this gorgeous Toucan and couldn’t resist the impulse to play with all these rainbow colours ☺️🌞

HYPNOTIZED - Pigi Glarou

Artist: Pigi Glarou
When I showed this drawing to my cat, he stared for a few minutes at it, having a strange look in his eyes and that was my happiest moment, for that meant he recognized another cat and my struggle to make the eyes look realistic gave a decent result. Used colorpencils and white marker.

Scotney Castle ‘Happy memories for friends’ - Lynda Bridges

Title: Scotney Castle ‘Happy memories for friends
Artist: Lynda Bridges
I really hoped I could bring a smile to a group of friends during lockdown and as we are unable to travel and explore this beautiful planet, I asked them to send me a photo of their favourite place or holiday so I could paint a watercolour as a memory of a precious moment in time.

This beautiful view looks out over the lake and ruins of the stunning estate at Scotney Castle, Kent, UK. A beautiful landscape, part of an old ruin and reflections are really the perfect combination for me! Really can’t wait to visit this beautiful place once more!

Disappearing - Kris Kou

Title: Disappearing
Artist: Kris Kou
There is no difference between all creatures after the end of their life. We will all become the part of nature. No matter who you were, how strong power you got, or how rich you became. So every life should be respected.

Waking up from hibernation - Anna Martinková

Title: Waking up from hibernation
Artist: Anna Martinková
My first walks in nature after a long winter, flowers and animals are waking up

Untitled - Elsie

Title: (No title)
Artist: Elsie
There isn’t really a backstory to this piece 🙂 I’ve simply been working on improving with colored pencils.

Daisies by the rainy window - Jelena Josipovic

Title: Daisies by the rainy window
Artist: Jelena Josipovic
I love challenges and painted this piece for #sundaypaintingchallengebymichelle. Really loved how this piece turned out especially the reflections on the metal pot and wet window. Was really enjoyable to paint this

Journey continues - Johnathan Sek

Title: Journey continues
Artist: Johnathan Sek
Other Links: Artstation
The bunny knight continues his journey through the fantasy world.

"Spring Lady" - Sara Mena

Title: “Spring Lady”
Artist: Sara Mena
Other Links: DTIYS Source
DTIYS for #lizzy_2k. This is a mixed media picture where I wanted to include both the Spring theme and the Pandemic theme. I thought about spring showers and how we can show them by spraying water over ink and from there I got the idea of spraying desinfectant instead. That experiment was very interesting and you can see parts of the process if you scroll left.
I love these crazy experiments with art 🙂

Salisbury Pub - Rufina Blackwell

Title: Salisbury Pub
Artist: Rufina Blackwell
I love drawing with ink and this one was an experiment with sepia ink and my first urban sketch – The Salisbury pub in Manchester, a lively rock pub with great music and friendly people.

Purple eyes - Cheniva C

Title: Purple eyes
Artist: Cheniva C
Hi guys! This was a birthday post! Turned 20 that day. I used the gansai tambi watercolors  @jimmy_dej got me. For the Dutchies, he bought it from @splendith ♥️♥️

Daphne and Apollo, watercolour and gouache on cold press paper. - Rebecca Jane Stockburn

Title: Daphne and Apollo, watercolour and gouache on cold press paper.
Artist: Rebecca Jane Stockburn
‘Apollo loves this form too and with a right hand placed on the
trunk feels that her heart still trembles under the new bark….The god said to her, since you can’t be my bride, at least
you will certainly be my tree! My hair will always have you,
my lyres [will have you], my quivers [will have you], o Laurel; …. and as my head is worn with unshorn hair,
you also, bear always the everlasting praise of your foliage!”
Apollo had finished: The Laurel nodded with her made branches
and the treetop, as if it were her head, seems to have shaken.’ Ovid

The Beetle Princes and Attack Rat - John Ramsey

Title: The Beetle Princes and Attack Rat
Artist: John Ramsey
Other Links: Artist Website
Here we have a warrior fairy and her rat companion. When the blood of his foes isn’t available, he’ll instead quench his thirst with fresh stream water. This is the kind of resourcefulness that rats the world over are known for.

We balance us. - Kindel Page

Title: We balance us.
Artist: Kindel Page
I love drawing tree people. This One is about balance and finding where that balance point is and relying on each other for that balance.

The Mushroom Orchestra - Louise Watts

Title: The Mushroom Orchestra
Artist: Louise Watts
Other Links: Artist Website Shop
I had a lot of fun with this one which I worked on while travelling around Scotland. The idea came to me while watching mushrooms grow and I imagined animals jumping between each one like stepping stones.

Self-portrait - Terangpi K

Title: Self-portrait
Artist: Terangpi K
With everything going on in the world, I am not being exactly at my creative best but I managed a self portrait..

Schabeutz 2019 - Janine

Title: Schabeutz 2019
Artist: Janine
A little memory of my vacation in October 2019. It was the first time I traveled completely alone, so I was afraid how everything will work out and if I will feel lonely. But I had a wonderful time! For the destination I went to a place, my parents and sister had already visited – Scharbeutz. A small city on the Baltic sea. So I already knew the place wouldn’t be bad.

Cockerel - Lily

Title: Cockerel
Artist: Lily
First time drawing cockerels!!

Memories - Ilona

Title: Memories
Artist: Ilona
A fanart of Erwin Smith and Levi Ackerman ( from Attack on Titan).
I imagined them somewhere in vacation, I was inspired by Benjikiti park in Bangkok in Thailand. Eating together on a restaurant’s terrace, on a beautiful spring day.

Spring Bouquet - Thu Ha Kueng

Title: Spring Bouquet
Artist: Thu Ha Kueng
I enjoyed making my artwork into cards. They are printed at home on 300gsm recycled cardboard. Am certainly pleased with how they turned out. Hope you like them.😊

Blueberry dragon - Lizzy

Title: Blueberry dragon
Artist: Lizzy
Other Links: Patreon
“Blueberry dragons are very very small and live in blueberry shrubs. They tend to the little berries and open their wings at noon above them. This protects the blueberries from the harsh sun light.” – The book of dragons!
A dragon for the prompt “Blue” of Inktober 52

Tennessee Pass - Maria Gehrke

Title: Tennessee Pass
Artist: Maria Gehrke
Other Links: Artist Website
A landscape I did as a birthday present for a good friend and avid hiker. I painted this off of one of her photos from her 2019 hike along the #coloradotrail This is on the #tennesseepass
I hope this will bring her good memories and excitement for future adventures.

A walk along the water - Sofia Larsson

Title: A walk along the water
Artist: Sofia Larsson
This landscape is inspired from one of my walks around a beautiful canal located nearby of where I live. In all of its simplicity, it reminds me of an especially sunny summer day.

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