Gallery of Friends – March 2020

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March 2020 Exhibit

Below are the artworks from the March 2020 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

Back Stories

Fur and fang of fog

Title: Fur and fang of fog
Artist: Kindel Page
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Drawing wolves come very naturally to me. This one started as a small design for a sticker and then I had a request to make it a large print, so I expended the drawing and this is what happened!

Barn Owl

Title: Barn Owl
Artist: Valerie de Rozarieux
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This watercolour piece was as a result of my exploring a very loose approach, so that some areas of the painting are slightly abstract. I had fun playing with the colours.

Fall Princess

Title: Fall Princess
Artist: Cris James
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Two of my artworks are tightly connected. One is my winter princess and the other – this one – is my fall princess. I’m playing with the idea of a portrait, flowers and a pattered background.

The puffin warrior

Title: The puffin warrior
Artist: Lizzy
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“The puffin warrior”- “It was just her and the sea and the beating of her warrior heart”. This is a character based on the Atlantic puffin. It’s a 20×20 cm watercolor illustration with schmincke watercolor on Daler Rowney Mix media paper (250g/sqm)


Title: Echidna
Artist: Janine
Before a challenge to paint endangered animals, I have never head of this animal. It looks like a mix of anteater and a hedgehog. But its sooooo weird. Since i can’t do realistic animals, I went with a more cartoonish style.


Title: Wasp
Artist: @maevinart
Wasps! I hate them. I’m petrified of them but painting them is nice and I love the black against the yellow on these and the bee! 

inspired by the lovers of valdaro

Title: inspired by the lovers of valdaro
Artist: 𝖟𝖆𝖍𝖗𝖆
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Back in 2016 i drew a very basic line drawing of shattered skeletons, inspired by the lovers of valdaro.
It wasn’t until very recently, I was looking through my old works, i felt like it called me to elaborate…
It wasn’t finished.
The snake had been appearing to me in dreams, tarot, and other synchronized messages. Snake/Serpent is symbolic of creative life force representing fertility, rebirth, transformation, immortality, healing, and dualism.
My old ’16 sketch suddenly symbolized life and death, the dual of existence, and how in one way we are always living, always connected.

Title: A galaxy full of colours
Artist: Sofia Larsson
Other Links: Displate
A galaxy full of colours, where I combined as many vibrant colours as possible in order to create the light reflecting off of the center. This painting is special to me, since I got completely lost in all of the details and I ended up spending hours on playing around with the colours to get the right textures and swirls.

snow capped mountains

Title: snow capped mountains
Artist: Casey Bini
This is a commissioned painting I did in 2019. I like to paint made up scenes of places I have been.
I didn’t use an in particular location or any photos of inspiration for this piece, I just went with it from my mind.
I was definitely inspired by the way you view the snow capped mountains of Lake Tahoe from Reno, Nevada, but the entire painting reminds me more of Colorado, hence the red rocks.

river landscape

Title: river landscape
Artist: Lynda Bridges
This has to be one of my favourite pieces of work I created for a #dtiys challenge organised by @artwheleve based on the photography of @semrahasic using a combination of watercolours and pastels.
I cropped the original photograph to really consider the composition and really loved the angle and colour of the trees with the contrasting colours of the turquoise waters. I hoped to bring the view alive by imagining myself there, listening to the the bubbling waters and the warm sun light on the rocks.

Into the woods

Title: Into the woods
Artist: Naska
I always had the passion for drawing mysterious and magical forests. This painting is yet another in a row. I like to create this atmospheric feel to it, and also make people think about it, imagine a backstory behind the drawing; always make them question why.

Huginn and Muninn

Title: Huginn and Muninn
Artist: Bethany Jackson Canfield
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Huginn and Muninn. Ravens are creatures that inspire curiosity, mystery, and maybe a little fear. The eyes of a raven so dark and deep seem to hold stories and secrets remaining untold for centuries. Norse and Germanic mythology as early as 5th century CE  have held ravens dear, two ravens in particular Huginn and Muninn. Only in appearance where Huginn and Muninn ordinary ravens, because legend holds that they were messengers and spies having been given the ability to speak to the Raven God, Odin.  Dispatched daily they flew across the whole world returning at dinner time with messages for their master. I wonder if that is why ravens seem to have a story to tell?
I so enjoyed painting this, each step of the process was beautiful. It is so fun to see it completed. The very pink flowers contrasting with the black-blue of glimmer of the raven’s feathers. I am loving painting animals lately!

Mother Earth Bear

Title: Mother Earth Bear
Artist: Todd
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“Mother Earth Bear”
Color and black and white!
We hope this piece inspires your love for nature to grow and calls you into it! Just as our love for the Wild Ways of our mother earth pulled us into the spirit of this piece and asked to be created!”

Spirit of the Mushroom

Title: Spirit of the Mushroom
Artist: Louise Watts
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Spirit of the Mushroom (2019) Pen and ink on paper. Following on from my fungi love affair that began in 2018, this was one of my very first detailed pieces.
It was based on a watercolour painting I had done and didn’t like. I rearranged the composition slightly, added in some more detail, and started to ink – it’s now one of my favourites!

Winter Lady

Title: Winter Lady
Artist: Maria Gehrke
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This was an entry to a “draw this in your style” challenge by Lizzy (see above). With this I tried out a few new techniques (new to me at least): shading of skin in pencil before adding the watercolor as well as adding water to loosen up the background. I tried to adhere to many color and costume elements of the original but also make it different enough to be an interesting adaptation.