Gallery of Friends – March 2021

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Below are the artworks from the March 2021 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

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Low tide - Lynda Bridges

Title: Low tide
Artist: Lynda Bridges
I came across this great boat challenge by that I just had to paint. I always like how battered the hulls get with rusty patches, that are only seen once the tide is out.

Mount William National Park - Cara V

Title: Mount William National Park
Artist: Cara V
More attempts at rocks and rough shapes and not overthinking things… The rocks look funny to me tbh hahaha.

I visited Tasmania once a few years ago, though not to this park, and I’ve been longing to go back since. Maybe it was a time of my life, maybe it was the weather (autumn), maybe it was the fact that there weren’t just buildings everywhere, but everything felt fresher, cleaner. I still remember one particular day I decided to visit MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), and while waiting for the ferry I ate a burrito I’d made at my friend’s place (*cough* with her help). Smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, cheese, slightly toasted. It was cold on the pier and this was absolutely delicious… Ah, memories. Can’t wait to visit again.

What’s one place you’d like to visit again? 😊

Reference picture taken by @all.about.adventure

Kalamkari Folk Painting - Eesha Hariramani

Title: Kalamkari Folk Painting
Artist: Eesha Hariramani
Other Links: Etsy
Indian Folk Art Painting – Kalamkari. Available in my Etsy Shop.

Great Tit - Castor

Title: Great Tit
Artist: Castor
A good friend of mine loves Great Tit that comes to visit their garden. So I decided to paint one 🙂

Geisha - Emmanuelle Bru

Title: Geisha
Artist: Emmanuelle Bru
Un super concours est lancé cette année pour les 100 ans de la marque @sakura_europe de @royaltalensfrance .

🇯🇵Le thème général de ce concours est le Japon et toute la culture créative autour de ce pays.🇯🇵

Chaque mois un thème est proposé et pour ce mois de janvier il s’agit des “Masters japonais”

🌊🌊Quelle oeuvre plus connue que La Grande Vague de Kanagawa du maître Hokusai ?

Évidement je ne pouvais pas me contenter d’une vague…. par contre ayant un fort penchant pour les tatouages, qui font eux aussi parti de la culture japonaise, j’ai eu envie de poser cette vague sur le dos d’une geisha.

Voilà donc une aquarelle pour ce mois de janvier pour le #Sakura100Years

Feutres : #pigmamicron et #gellyroll

A great competition is launched this year for the 100th anniversary of the @sakura_europe brand from @royaltalensfrance. 🇯🇵The general theme of this competition is Japan and all the creative culture around this country.🇯🇵 Each month a theme is proposed and for this month of January it is the “Japanese Masters” 🌊🌊What work better known than The Great Wave off Kanagawa by master Hokusai? Obviously I could not be satisfied with a wave … on the other hand having a strong penchant for tattoos, which are also part of Japanese culture, I wanted to put this wave on the back of a geisha. So here is a watercolor for this month of January for the # Sakura100Years Felts: #pigmamicron and #gellyroll

ROSE TATTOO - Pigi Glarou

Artist: Pigi Glarou
I named this drawing “rose tattoo” because it is an image I found on Pinterest, searching for free images of rose tattoo references, wanting to try and draw something different. I used markers and color pencils.

Grey Squirrel - Helen page

Title: Grey Squirrel
Artist: Helen Page
While out walking, I notice these guys are getting very active & noisy. Always makes me smile watching their antics.
Exploring the techniques that I’m developing. Fun to see how much its changed over the last year.
Definitely got to keep practicing in order to grow!

Camping under the stars - Revathi Rengarajan

Title: Camping under the stars
Artist: Revathi Rengarajan
“I know nothing with certainty, but the sight of the stars make me dream” – Vincent van Gogh
Here’s my take on prompt 8/52 #camping for #inktober52
My first backcountry camping trip was to the Great Smoky Mountains and I absolutely loved lying down in the tent and simply watching the magnificent night sky and the countless stars among the trees – hence this sketch !
I associate summers in Michigan to a lot of outdoor activities and camping is at the top of the list. Michigan is super amazing in that it has many many designated dark sky preserves , away from the city lights to go star gazing – and it is so wonderful and totally worth it.

Tea Sister - Maria Gehrke

Title: Tea Sister
Artist: Maria Gehrke
A portrait of my sister for her birthday.

It is painted with black tea and a few splashes of green and black watercolor. I am in love with painting with tea ATM and will likely do a few more paintings with that method.

Castle 🏰 - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Castle 🏰
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
I am trying to learn new technique of drawing for environment 😌 and pretty happy with the result🤗 I have made tutorial for this drawing(Just some general steps). 

Kitsune - Sylvia Strijk

Title: Kitsune
Artist: Sylvia Strijk
I find shapeshifters fascinating and love exploring the different ways one can transform. Kitsune are mostly mischievous although some can be evil. There tail split the older and more powerful they get and can have up to 9 tails.

Wild Coyote! - Wild Ways Designs

Title: Wild Coyote!
Artist: Wild Ways Designs
This Wild Coyote is still a work in progress but soon color and more will be added! But it still already has some spirit we wanted to share!

Spirit of the Hawk - Kindel Page

Title: Spirit of the Hawk
Artist: Kindel Page
I recently had the very great honor of doing a commission for the “infamous” Mike Gourley! 😂 We discussed what he wanted and it somehow just clicked! Flowed! Jived just as easily as taping your foot to good music! It might have helped that I was playing Mikes great music while drawing a lot of the time!😁 He said “our spirits were dancing to create this!” And it is so true! This to me is a collaboration between two friends and kindred spirits, nature and the devine realm where God whispers to you and without thinking you follow! That’s what art is right! Dancing with images! This was a dance! I am glad to have danced it! Thanks for inviting me to this one Mike! 😄

International Women's Day - Zahra Hasni

Title: International Women’s Day
Artist: Zahra Hasni
A sketch for international Women’s day. Solidarity to all of those fighting for equality around the world today and throughout history. Socialist Feminism for the win!

N/a - Kristina Howitt

Title: N/a
Artist: Kristina Howitt
An exercise in patience (which I’m usually low on😂) a raindrop speckled windshield. 7.5×10.5″ watercolour on HP block.

Grevy’s Zebras - Rachel E

Title: Grevy’s Zebras
Artist: Rachel E
For the Wildlife Wednesday challenge 😊

My story is not over (;) - Gina Carranza Perez

Title: My story is not over (;)
Artist: Gina Carranza Perez
I hold the pen to my story. I hold the paintbrush to my canvas that is my life. The past could have been a nightmare. Your present could be a nightmare. But there is hope. What can you change to see more light on your life? Sometimes we could feel so hopeless…but with the right support system, coping mechanisms and seeing what is in front of you. You could change YOUR life to what YOU WANT it to be <3

Cherry blossom - Charlotte Gill

Title: Cherry blossom
Artist: Charlotte Gill
I redid one of my first paintings from 2018 when I started to draw digitally. I still love the concept from back then 🌸🌺💖

Snowdrop Dragon - Lizzy

Title: Snowdrop Dragon
Artist: Lizzy
Other Links: Patreon
The cold did not really bother the snowdrop dragon. She was really content and awaited patiently next to her beautiful flowers until the sun was warm enough to melt the snow around them…

The first entry for my personal project of turning birthday flowers into dragons! This is the January dragon flower: the snowdrop!

Assassin - Ian Bristow

Title: Assassin
Artist: Ian Bristow
Something I painted for fun while enjoying evening TV.

Wild - Elise Aabakken

Title: Wild
Artist: Elise Aabakken
Happy inception! 🖤

Paint yourself happy can mean so many things I think…
– So, I paint and that makes me happy ✨
– I paint with a new tool, stencils, for the first time, and this makes me happy ✨
– The stencils are from a lovely friend I met because I paint and she paints, that makes me super happy! 🖤
– She kindly sent me these in happy mail (I mean, who doesn’t like happy mail!?) 💌
– It’s painted with a brush that makes me happy and a handmade paint that makes me happy because it looks and behaves the way it does 🖤
– AND it makes me happy because it’s from a lovely small business here in Norway, made by people I’m so happy to now call friends! 🖤
– And I put all my scavenger-treasures in a box that I received a Christmas present in and they fit perfectly… Which makes me happy 📦

Looking for the happy things and moments and then remembering all the joy you can take part in by noticing what’s there, is key 💕

A huge thank you again to lovely Andrea for sending these, I love how sharp the edges are and the bear is my favorite for sure 😍

Painted with Troll by @corvus.colours on an @etchr_lab postcard 🖤

For day 27 of #pyh2021 in a bit of a strange way today, as I felt like I was “doing it wrong” with this, BUT that’s literally what the challenge calls for : happy painting! And it was! So it is! 😉💕 Hosts for the second to last day is, as always, the wonderful @_studioartisjok@demigodette@afrisartjourney ✨

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