Gallery of Friends – May 2020

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Below are the artworks from the May 2020 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

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Rabbit - Thu Ha Kueng🇨🇭🇺🇸🇻🇳🇳🇴

Title: Rabbit
Artist: Thu Ha
Other Links: Etsy
I chose to draw/paint a rabbit, since Easter is coming up. Ever since the lock-down (4 weeks), I didn’t have any sense of time. So the days are interwoven and every day was the same. There’s no feeling for Easter and there won’t be any gathering either. Having said this, this rabbit is supposed to help me get into Easter spirit. Am I the only one who feel like this? Or can you relate to this as well? 🐣🐇☀️⁣

The Light bearing princess - Jonathan Wiltshire

Title: The Light bearing princess
Artist: Jonathan Wiltshire
Other Links: Pinterest
A nightly forest ceremony leading the faithful to vespers.

Fairy on the moon - Pigi

Title: Fairy on the moon
Artist: Pigi Glarou
I have always believed in fairies. And the moon. Somehow, it is during the night that inspiration finds me. A friend said that it is probably because of the silence, all is quiet, no distractions. And of course when all is silent, fairies and the moon can hear your wishes and make them come true! I used color pencils and markers for this lovely fairy lady.

Watercolour Mallard - Valerie de Rozarieux

Title: Watercolour Mallard
Artist: Valerie de Rozarieux
Other Links: Etsy
Another early Instagram post which was to enter a competition for an art supplies voucher. I was so excited when I won!

Bicycle by the old house wall - Jelena Josipovic

Title: Bicycle by the old house wall
Artist: Jelena Josipovic
Actually I painted this piece as a part of Instagram challenge but I was so enchanted by a reference picture I really could imagine myself being part of this story. For me it would be my red bicycle by the wall of my small artist atelier. The place I love the most of all and enjoy painting beautiful pieces every day.

Three Franks - Julie Peterson Shea

Title: Three Franks
Artist: Julie Peterson Shea
Other Links: Website, Shopvida
I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City before all of this craziness began. One of the pieces that intrigued me was a Medieval handmade made cross. The metalwork was gorgeous and the patterns and shapes just resonated with me. I love the intricacy and elaborate patterns. This inspiration became the background of my favorite model. One of the reasons I like to draw Frank is that he is always smiling.

Black cat - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Black cat
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
Other Links: Artstation
Just wanted to bring some mystical mood

Mage - Naska

Title: Mage
Artist: Naska
This is my entry for @joladraws ‘s art challenge. It is a very interesting and unique challenge, where you have to create an artwork inspired by the given shape.

Master Study: Willy Pogány 1 - Title Unknown - Louise Watts

Title: Master Study: Willy Pogány 1 – Title Unknown
Artist: Louise Watts
This is part of a series of master studies I’m doing by great inkers and etchers of the past to improve my dexterity with using the dip pen. I chose this one as I’d just finished learning basic horse anatomy and wanted to get an understanding of how to render the muscle forms. I can completely understand just why horses are wonderful to draw.

Warrior - Crystal James

Title: Warrior
Artist: Crystal James
Other Links: Website
Warrior mermaid

Dwynwen - Sylvia Strijk

Title: Dwynwen
Artist: Sylvia Strijk
Other Links: Society6
I imagine that mermaids don’t age the same way other none magical creatures do. Instead of growing old they are slowly consumed by the sea. Returning to the ocean not leaving a trace…⠀

highland coo - Zahra Hasni

Title: highland coo
Artist: Zahra Hasni
This is just a playful pen sketch of Scotland’s most famous cow, the highland cow. Mooooo!

Valentines Day - Janine

Title: Valentines Day
Artist: Janine
I did this one for valentines day. around this time I practiced some octopuses and had this little idea. Normally I’m not much into this day, but it is a good reminder to appreciate the people who are dear to you. Especially in stressful times, we need a little reminder.

The life of the mountain - Kindel Page

Title: The life of the mountain
Artist: Kindel Page
Backstory: Etsy, RedBubble
This was the view from creek a few feet away! I attempted painting while sitting on a rock in the stream! So much to admire and look at that it was hard to pick one spot to paint! Butterflies danced around my head and and the sun was shining! So this does not do the moment justice! The clarity of the water and the glint if the sun! You will have to fill in the best parts of the view with your imagination! Because I simply couldn’t capture it! …
I used coffee and pen and some black marker on this one!

"My Dear what do you see?" - Wild Ways Designs

Title: “My Dear what do you see?”
Artist: Wild Ways Designs
Other Links: Etsy
This Dear is a digital drawing done as another exercise and practice for future projects a few years ago. This dear is a little reminder! Look ahead! There is so much to look forward too! I hope you like it!

An Unlikely Friendship - Ian Bristow

Title: An Unlikely Friendship
Artist: Ian Bristow
The idea that something many consider to be monstrous might just be misunderstood makes for some fascinating artistic ideas. We’ve seen in many times in popular fiction, the monster and the protagonist coming together to create an unlikely friendship. This is a depiction of one such friendship. I had just finished creating a new brush set in Photoshop, and this was the first painting I did using exclusively that set.

(No title) - Elsie

Title: (No title)
Artist: Elsie
This piece is part of a collab I did with several artists. The goal was to capture a piece of nature and personify it. I chose mushrooms and tried to show the calm and lazy feel associated with them.

Otherworld - Chelsea Keene

Title: Otherworld
Artist: Chelsea Keene
Other Links: Website
This is an environment I created for a story I have been developing.

PLANTS - Terangpi K

Artist: Terangpi K
I have been gardening for almost seven and a half years now. Apart from growing flowering plants and a variety of house plants, growing vegetables is such a joy. To watch them grow from a tiny seed to a big plant is no less a miracle. Recently, my boyfriend has started taking an interest in gardening too ( this picture is a representation of him). I encourage everyone to grow food. It could be tomatoes, zucchini, spinach.. anything really. It’s not only good for you, but good for the planet too.

Northern lights - Sofia

Title: Northern lights
Artist: Sofia
Other Links: artist website
I was inspired by images of northern lights and wanted to incorporate bright colours into this painting. Where I wanted a soft light to reflect off of the transitions between different colours in order to create a calm atmosphere.

Thunderbird - Alleff Augusto

Title: Thunderbird
Artist: Alleff Augusto
This is my Thunderbird fanart from the fantastic beasts!

The Blueberry Princess - Lizzy

Title: The Blueberry Princess
Artist: Lizzy
Other Links: Patreon
“She appeared calm on the outside and even distant and cold, but if you got to know her, she would be as sweet as the blueberries she had on her head!”

I loved the process of this one. It follows a series of other portraits that I have made with vegetables and fruits as their base. The April prompts were all colors and I have decided to play with these colors and an old idea of mine: garden dragons. After each dragon who protects a certain vegetable or fruit, came the princesses that had that fruit or vegetable as their hair. Thus the Blueberry Princess was born for the “Blue” prompt.

Quarantine in a bottle - Maria Gehrke

Title: Quarantine in a bottle
Artist: Maria Gehrke
Other Links: Website
This was one of my entries to #quarantober with the prompt being bottle. What doesn’t say quarantine better than a ship in a bottle. At least they can LOOK at the sea and the sunset.

The Snap Lotus - John Ramsey

Title: The Snap Lotus
Artist: John Ramsey
Other Links: Website
The snap lotus. Though they appear similar to the surrounding plant life, their large size leaves one to wonder exactly how anyone could confuse them for a common plant.

Why are they more active when it rains, and exactly what sorts of prey do they hunt?
Standing that close may not be so safe.

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