Gallery of Friends – May 2021

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Below are the artworks from the May 2021 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

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Adventure ahead😉 - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Adventure ahead😉
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
From drawings with horses

The Artist - Elsie B

Title: The Artist
Artist: Elsie B
I was inspired by the love of art for arts sake. Just creating something with no other purpose but to enjoy the art and the process.

Stones - Emmanuelle Bru

Title: Stones
Artist: Emmanuelle Bru

Après l’arbre…. les cailloux !
J’aime vraiment ce rendu très lisse des encres aquarelles de chez @ecolinedeutschland de @royaltalensfrance

Feutres : pitt artist de @fabercastellfrance@fabercastellglobal
Gouache : @royaltalensfrance

After the tree …. the pebbles!

I really like this very smooth rendering of watercolor inks from @ecolinedeutschland from @royaltalensfrance

Felts: pitt artist from @fabercastellfrance @fabercastellglobal Gouache: @royaltalensfrance

Forest Kingfisher - Castor

Title: Forest Kingfisher
Artist: Castor
“Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly, but merely to be lives. Boldly, wildly, beautifully, uncertainly, imperfectly, magically lives.” – Mandy Hale

Forest Kingfisher [LC] – 🇦🇺 🇮🇩 🇵🇬
– Huge Thanks to @pattomkinswildlife for the permission 🙇‍♂️

Eurasian Otter - Helen page

Title: Eurasian Otter
Artist: Helen Page
One of my favourite animals & feel privileged to have seen a few in the past. Such characters too
Decided I needed to have a go at one again as feeling more comfortable about my style. It’s been quite a journey & I am still finding my way.
Artists who advise you shouldn’t keep comparing yourself to others, are so right. Concentrate on developing & having fun.

If like me you need an otter fix, check out @shetland_nature for so many amazing shots.

Vase of flowers - Ghazal

Title: Vase of flowers
Artist: Ghazal
Other Links: Artist Website
Vase of flowers is one of my favourite artworks which is 14*10 inches and sold to lovely person.

Derya - Sylvia Strijk

Title: Derya
Artist: Sylvia Strijk
Goldfish mermaid

G is for Galah - Gina Carranza

Title: G is for Galah
Artist: Gina Carranza
ABC animal challenge to raise awareness of animals that are not very well known 🙂


Artist: Cara V
Saw this prompt on @odnatamyara’s #ohsweetiemermay and ofc I had to do this! This was the first mermaid I drew this month, actually 😂 Kinda squeezed in a couple other prompts too: @mermay_official’s ‘obsessed’ (because I love bbt) and #crocus from #maysflowerchildchallenge— haha tried to include the petals but idk if that was successful at all… Does the colour count 😂

Wild Flowers - Maria Gehrke

Title: Wild Flowers
Artist: Maria Gehrke
Postcard sized flower painting based off the lovely flower photography of @lucy.ketchum ❤

Pray - Pigi Glarou

Title: Prey
Artist: Pigi Glarou
Leopard in graphite and color pencils. Drawing was based at a thought I had about instinct and behavior. For example if someone acts nervous towards me, I might start becoming nervous as well. If someone acts like they are being the pray, I might become a predator and start hunting them. And so, during these thoughts ,a beautiful leopard was created.

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