Gallery of Friends – Nov 2020

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Below are the artworks from the April 2020 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

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Nostalgic peacock - Maibis Navarro

Title: Nostalgic peacock
Artist: Maibis Navarro
Nostalgic woman

The mushroom gang - Lizzy

Title: The mushroom gang
Artist: Lizzy
Other Links: Patreon
I like how diverse mushrooms are and therefore I have decided to dedicate November to study and illustrate them!

Sloth - Helen page

Title: Sloth
Artist: Helen page
Sloth for international sloth day (20th oct ) , I’m slow!

I love the personalities of these crazy creatures, so vulnerable to mans interference though.

Many become victims of abuse in tourism or illegal pet trade

Populations in South & Central America are declining as they struggle to adapt to living closer to people.

Inspired by @costaricaanimalrescuecenter_
Raising awareness
And also @slothconservation
who are working with locals to find sustainable solutions within the communities.
Such as sloth crossings aiding their travel above roads.

Check them out especially if you are planning a trip to see sloths.
Be a responsible tourist!

A4 relaxed style with my trusty paint pens

My Boys - Eesha Hariramani

Title: My Boys
Artist: Eesha Hariramani
Other Links: Etsy
This is a colored illustration portrait of my boys (hubby n son) holidaying in Langkawi back in 2010. Priceless moments♡

Sacred place 🦌 - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Sacred place 🦌
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
1 hour speedpaint, hope you like it!😉

“Sisters” - Ghazaleh

Title: “Sisters”
Artist: Ghazaleh
Other Links: Artist Website
Portrait of two beautiful sisters was a commission with watercolour on a paper, 8*10 inches.

If you interested to have your beautiful portrait painting in watercolour, please send a message for me.

What are these flames to you? - Gina Carranza

Title: What are these flames to you?
Artist: Gina Carranza
Is it rage? Joy? inspiration? Pain?
Emotional dysregulation is a symptom of complex PTSD….This came out as a result of all the emotions I was feeling and I didn’t know how to deal with them. They felt like they were consuming me,and I need to channel it out.

The cutest little mushroom - Nazna Art

Title: The cutest little mushroom
Artist: Nazna Art
For some reason, I am always so fascinated by mushrooms and my soul always tells me to paint them. To be honest, they are pretty cute 🥰

Hope - Adam Merricks

Title: Hope
Artist: Adam Merricks
This was the first digital portrait I did and feel at this time it’s ideal for a repost.

Field Mushrooms - Kristina Howitt

Title: Field Mushrooms
Artist: Kristina Howitt
Other Links: Etsy
How cute are these little guys?! This was far too fun, I think I’ve found a new favourite subject 😆

Goddess Bastet - Melissa Le Gall

Title: Goddess Bastet
Artist: Melissa Le Gall
Ornament – Inktober 2019. From youth, I have been fascinated by Egyptian mythology’s iconography and Bastet stood out as one of my favorite deities. With this piece, I wanted to depict her powerful and feisty spirit.

The call of all things deep! - Kindel Page

Title: The call of all things deep!
Artist: Kindel Page
A dear friend named Pigi, gave me this idea! Thanks again Pigi! ❤ @pigi.glarou.artworks 

The Golden Girl - Elsie B.

Title: The Golden Girl
Artist: Elsie B.
None 🙂

Tinker bell (under my mushroom umbrella) - Pigi Glarou

Title: Tinker bell (under my mushroom umbrella)
Artist: Pigi Glarou
I combined several images from references to create this drawing with the so cute Tinker bell resting at a favorite place of hers.. And what could be better for a fairy than resting under a large mushroom? The products I used were markers and color pencils.

X-Wing - John Anthony Rodriguez

Title: X-Wing
Artist: John Anthony Rodriguez
Other Links: Artist Website
Watercolor painting of a rebel pilot and his X-wing

Black panther - Emmanuelle Bru

Title: Black panther
Artist: Emmanuelle Bru

Lethal Strike - Ian Bristow

Title: Lethal Strike
Artist: Ian Bristow
I had been painting a lot of semi-realism and wanted to do something a bit more graphic with character art.

Friend - Cara V

Title: Friend
Artist: Cara V
Bear looks in on his friend…

Beach sunset - Lynda Bridges

Title: Beach sunset
Artist: Lynda Bridges
The fifth watercolour in the series of ‘paintings for a group of friends’. In these uncertain times with local lockdowns we can still re-visit those beautiful places and treasured memories.
This is for a friend who loves the beach. I’m unsure where it is but what a great place to sit and watch the sun go down!

Wicked sorcerer - Cris James

Title: Wicked sorcerer
Artist: Cris James
My submission for Drawtober, but I fell in love with this girl.

Foraging - John Ramsey

Title: Foraging
Artist: John Ramsey
This one has some strong October energy.

Mushroom merchant. We are catching a glimpse at him gathering rare plants to sell later on.

That would be an interesting series of illustrations. In each one we see him gathering a different item..

Pine Warbler - Castor

Title: Pine Warbler
Artist: Castor
“You don’t have time to be timid. You must be bold and daring.” – Lumière, Beauty and the Beast

Pine Warbler [LC] 🇺🇸
– Huge Thanks to @jdkellyphotography for the permission 🙇‍♂️

Monarch and Milkweed - Julie Peterson Shea

Title: Monarch and Milkweed
Artist: Julie Peterson Shea
Other Links: Artist Website
I grew up spending most of my long summer days outside. Catching butterflies, making dandelion chains, and playing in the sprinkler with my brothers. For me seeing butterflies brings back memories of my childhood. For the last few years, I have made a point of growing milkweed to attract Monarch butterflies, along with other plants that are favorites of other types of these beautiful insects. In this illustration, I experimented with using more and new colors.

Misty pines - Sofia Larsson

Title: Misty pines
Artist: Sofia Larsson
Simply a misty forest 🖌

My Friends mom - Maria Gehrke

Title: My Friends mom
Artist: Maria Gehrke
Other Links: Shop
As the start of a 100 portrait series, I decided to paint my lovely friend’s late mother who sadly passed just this month.
Although it is the first in my process of becoming better at portraits, I hope I still did her justice. I hope this can give my dear friend joy and some comfort in her grief. I hear her mom was the sweetest and most loving person you could ever meet.

I have spend more time on this than what I had planned for the portraits, but due to the importance I wanted to do a good job. I am hoping to get faster and more accurate with the 100 portrait challenge, which will definitely take much longer than 100 days.

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