Gallery of Friends – Oct. 2020

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OCTOBER 2020 Exhibit

Below are the artworks from the April 2020 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

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Personification of Nature - Laura Bacher

Title: Personification of Nature
Artist: Laura Bacher
This piece was done for a challenge hosted by @artfulbeast. This character is a representation of Nature. I added her a big smile, in order to celebrate Nature’s ability to accept any disaster, any wound that we create as humans. She’s resilient and forgiving.

Earth / Calmness - Terangpi K

Title: Earth
Artist: Terangpi K
I have struggled quite a bit to find my own signature style. Over the years I have experimented with quite a few styles and they often turn out to be an imitation rather than my own creation. Suddenly, a few weeks ago, this came effortlessly !

Sometimes when I am too overwhelmed by everything, I like to imagine that I am standing on a hill and watching the sun set and the wind is blowing. I close my eyes and I can feel the taste of the wind. This is what the picture is.

Sunrise - McKenna Marvin

Title: Sunrise
Artist: McKenna Marvin
Other Links: Artist Website
One of my first watercolor portraits where I challenged myself with light and color.

Tropical - Ilona

Title: Tropical
Artist: Ilona
▪Let me introduce you my original character named “Keanu”. He’s Hawaiian descent.
(▪Did you know? In Polynesian culture, wearing a flower in the hair on the left side means that the person is taken.)
▪With this drawing I wanted to offer you sweetness, love, warmth, abundance, inspired by tropical flowers. A sweet extension of summer…

Of the Fae - Ian Bristow

Title: Of the Fae
Artist: Ian Bristow
I honestly don’t know how this one came about. I just sort of saw a vague image of a creature with blue energy pouring off it and concluded a lion’s mane would work really well to give purpose to that, rather that blue energy for the sake of it.

So close but so far... Quarantine - Gina Carranza Perez

Title: So close but so far… Quarantine
Artist: Gina Carranza Perez
COVID19 has affected us all. These are my loved ones that live near me that I keep away from BECAUSE I love them. Trying to pause time but it just keeps going…

Boogie - Cheniva C

Title: Boogie
Artist: Cheniva C
First time painting an animal digitally! I usually scrabble animals in my sketchbook and not show anyone. But I’m quite happy with this doggo🐾

Crystal-Cold-Shards - Naska

Title: Crystal-Cold-Shards
Artist: Naska
Inktober Day 3.
Woohoo! Day three-checked.
I don’t know if I’m enthusiastic because it’s just the beginning of the Inktober and excitement is still flowing or is it because of the super inspiring prompt list that makes me wanna paint more and more. I am good either way.
I’m so proud of this one, because it’s not something I usually do. Although there’s a track of the forest, I still painted the waterfall, these rocks, crystals.. so fun!!

Fading Dandelion - Cristina Kramp

Title: Fading Dandelion
Artist: Cristina Kramp
Other Links: Artwork in Shop
Fading Dandelion, is about the fleeting nature of time. Notice where the higher contrast is? The present, what still is. It is a play of contrast between geometric and organic, warm vs. cool, and between sharp and soft.

Fantasy Forest Night - Ruth Einfeld

Title: Fantasy Forest Night
Artist: Ruth Einfeld
This started as a painting following a YouTube tutorial, but my sky just went fantastical of it’s own accord. Really my best sky ever. I truly enjoyed every minute creating this magical first nightscape in acrylic paint.

DNA tree - Kindel Page

Title: DNA tree
Artist: Kindel Page
I was asked to do this for a commission! Lot’s of history and symbolism in this piece!

Hedgehog - Sarah Granville

Title: Hedgehog
Artist: Sarah Granville
here’s a hedgehog that I reckon will survive the winter 😂 lockdown weight issues; I know how he feels 🙄. Anyway an autumnal feel for this guy as we head into October. I painted him A3 size on Daler and Rowney paper. Not loving the paper tbh. It buckles badly when drenched with water. I’m sticking to my favourite #saunderswaterford by @st_cuthberts_mill or Arches (£££) 😬 well you just get a better result with good materials.

Gavin!! - Rachel E

Title: Gavin!!
Artist: Rachel E
He’s a critically endangered Eastern Lowland Gorilla for the Wildlife Wednesday Challenge.

Fire Within Me - Castor

Title: Fire Within Me
Artist: Castor
“Sky Above Me,
Earth Below Me,
Fire Within Me”

Red-capped Robin [LC]
– BIG Thanks to @tyriestarrs for the permission 🙇‍♂️

Swinging in the clouds - Toñi Gragera

Title: Swinging in the clouds
Artist: Toñi Gragera
This illustration belongs to a collection called “In the clouds”. Most of the time I wish I was floating in the clouds.

Save kiwi month 2020, baby kiwi - Helen Page

Title: Save kiwi month 2020, baby kiwi
Artist: Helen Page
While researching these gentle flightless birds, I learnt so much from @kiwisforkiwi
They are a community led & Maori led conservation project. To take kiwi from endangered to everywhere.
Catching wild kiwis & attaching transmitters, they are able to find laid eggs.
Lifting the egg & placing in secure hatching facilities, they care for them until approx 3 weeks old & ready for release.
They release them to predator free islands or fully fenced mainland sites such as @pukahanz and @sanctuary_mountain
Areas where predators are controlled, 50 -60% chicks survive whereas in areas without control, 95% chicks die before adulthood.
This painting is inspired by a photo by Tara who has an incredible job of working with these beautiful birds.
I am lucky to have friends in New Zealand so have experienced this amazing country. It wouldn’t make any difference as the people are some of the most genuine friendly folk so get out there. It is a unique country with diverse wildlife that needs protecting!

Paleine the dryad - Lizzy

Title: Paleine the dryad
Artist: Lizzy
Other Links: Patreon
“Paleine, the dryad, lived in perfect harmony with the forest. She was the life of the forest, all the animals and plants benefited from her vitality and as long as Paleine was happy and content, the forest would thrive.”

My second prompt for 2020’s Inktober

Purple Grapes - Ghazaleh

Title: Purple Grapes
Artist: Ghazaleh
Other Links: Artist Website
Purple Grapes is in watercolour on paper and 8*10 inches.
Available for sale, if you interested please contact me at:

Autumn landscapes - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Autumn landscapes
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
Inspired by autumn

Demoiselle de dos - Emmanuelle Bru

Title: Demoiselle de dos
Artist: Emmanuelle Bru
It’s a watercolor painting I have done for a dtiys challenge. I tried to use just few colors in this one.

Strawberry Juice - Nazna A

Title: Strawberry Juice
Artist: Nazna A
A simple drink that’s made magical by the light hitting it in a beautiful way 🥰✨

The Greatest Escape - Adam Merricks

Title: The Greatest Escape
Artist: Adam Merricks
THE GREATEST ESCAPE: Ah this took a lot of work to figure out what the hell was going on, multiple changes later finally happy with this.

Frank and the Red Admiral - Julie Peterson Shea

Title: Frank and the Red Admiral
Artist: Julie Peterson Shea
Other Links: Artist Website
On a lovely day Frank made a new friend as he enjoys the sunshine and light breeze.
The mandala-like background was inspired by the idea of time. Moon cycles, a clock, the stages of life are all in my thoughts when I see this motif and with the passage of time it is important to remember that it’s the little things that make each day special.

Abandoned Ford - Lynda Bridges

Title: Abandoned Ford
Artist: Lynda Bridges
This car was just the perfect subject for me (a dtiys by @brejanz) I just loved the colour of this old car combined with the rust and mould. It had me thinking who owned this? What adventures did they have? So many stories……

Symphony: A conversation of Darkness and Light - Aakanksha

Title: Symphony: A conversation of Darkness and Light
Artist: Aakanksha
A conversation of Light and Dark.
One can’t exist without the other. A comic based on some wandering thoughts and wonderings

At the Bakery - Rufina Blackwell

Title: At the Bakery
Artist: Rufina Blackwell
Little naughty hamsters attacking the bakery and having a feast – I think every child had a dream like that, to eat as many cakes as you like, until you cannot move. So in way I made my dream come true!

Mossy forest - Charlotte Gill

Title: Mossy forest
Artist: Charlotte Gill
I love to experiment with different brushes. This was a peaceful speed-paint with just one brush 🌱

Claude the Crab - Josh yurche

Title: Claude the Crab
Artist: Josh Yurche
This is a watercolor painting of a Maryland Blue Crab, which is the State Crustacean of Maryland. These guys are delicious and when I was painting those fat, juicy claws, it had my mouth watering.

Deer in a clearing - Pigi Glarou

Title: Deer in a clearing
Artist: Pigi Glarou
Pencil drawing of a deer in a clearing. Sometimes when we are lost, clearings appear and there we can see the most beautiful things. This was the idea being the deer drawing!

Lagoon of Spirits - John Ramsey

Title: Lagoon of Spirits
Artist: John Ramsey
The mission was to create something seasonal which included a fox.

Blue Coffee Shop - Maria Gehrke

Title: Blue Coffee Shop
Artist: Maria Gehrke
Other Links: Artist Website
A little coffee related watercolor scene I painted to be hung in a café.
The café is actually part of a new play café that another mom from my daughter’s school just opened: @bugandgooseplaycafe
(Check them out)
I hope their guests will enjoy it while having a coffee and watching their children play.

For this one I went a little more daring on the colors than on the shapes. I wanted to take into account some colors I had seen on the photos of the play cafe. So I decided on yellow and blue. I also made all the bright light reflections yellow. And the last bold (for me) move was to add purple into the mix for some shadows.
The last picture is the sketch I made beforehand to figure out the colors.

What do you think? Would you love looking at it while sipping your coffee?

Cherry Blossoms - Eesha Hariramani

Title: Cherry Blossoms
Artist: Eesha Hariramani
Other Links: Etsy Shop
《Digital Print now available at my Etsy Shop》
Its very much the fall 🍂🍁 season, i know 😁 but here I am with these beautiful pink cherry blossoms! Their soft pink color is so soothing and calming and dreamy💕
Hope I get to to visit Japan someday so i could feel these sakuras for real 😍
Have a Good Day🌸🌸

Monochrome woman - Carola

Title: Monochrome woman
Artist: Carola
Here, I experimented with different media in my sketchbook. For this portrait and the additional elements, I used black ink, pencil and gouache.

Nature's Treasure - Kristina Howitt

Title: Nature’s Treasure
Artist: Kristina Howitt
The boys and I went for a little nature treasure hunt and collected a bunch of colourful leaves and rocks, so of course I had to paint them!! I swear its like I come alive during the fall, my absolute favorite time of year 🍃🍂🍁

Akemi - Sylvia Strijk

Title: Akemi
Artist: Sylvia Strijk
Other Links: Etsy Shop
Playing around with perspective

Claws - Cara

Title: Claws
Artist: Cara
Bear tries to get his cat friend/ pet out of the claw machine…
This is part of an ongoing October challenge and combines 3 prompts: rainbow, prize, pet

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