Gallery of Friends – Sept. 2020

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Below are the artworks from the August 2020 exhibit. To see the current exhibit please click here.

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Roots - Adam Merricks

Title: Roots
Artist: Adam Merricks
Theme: Fall
Other Links: Artist Website
Painted for my parents, showing something beautiful can come from unexpected places.

Rat Postal Service - Charlotte Gill

Title: Rat Postal Service
Artist: Charlotte Gill
Theme: Fall
Other Links: “Die Erdis” Website
This piece is my personal favourite illustration that I made for a German children’s book called “die Erdis”.

Yelling Fox - Melissa Le Gall

Title: Yelling Fox
Artist: Melissa Le Gall
Other Links: Artist Website
This piece is part of a series called “Fangs and fur” in which I wanted to depict predators showing their teeth, symbol of their wild nature and more specifically, their ability to hunt and kill. I’ve always had this odd fascination with drawing fangs (and the iconography that came with it) ever since I was little and it felt right to place it at the core of a drawing series.

Blue fall - Cheniva C

Title: Blue fall
Artist: Cheniva C
Theme: Fall
(10/100) of #100dayschallenge something very exciting today because it’s a collab with @artbykii she is sooo lovely and sweet (you should def check her account out). We worked on the theme “forest” but I did autumn and she did spring 🌿

Conjurer - Cara V

Title: Conjurer
Artist: Cara V
Theme: Fall
The wizard decided that it would be safer to practice his conjuring away from others, out in the forest… This way no other bear would be able to steal the honey out of his overflowing pot!

Colourful season on the way - Ghazaleh

Title: Colourful season on the way
Artist: Ghazaleh
Theme: Fall
Other Links: Portfolio
“Colourful season on the way” is Acrylic on canvas with 14*18 inches and ready to hang on the wall.
If you interested for purchase, please DM or email me at:

Spider - Ekaterina Vitkovskaya

Title: Spider
Artist: Ekaterina Vitkovskaya
Are you afraid of spiders? 🕷 I am definitely 😅

Autumn Visitor - Helen page

Title: Autumn Visitor
Artist: Helen page
Theme: Fall
As the temperature drops & the oaks fill up with huge acorns, I have noticed more chattering above me on my walks!
They always make me smile even when they are angry! It’s such a funny squeaky toy like noise!!
Tried a larger scale which A4 to stretch myself a bit more.
Loved the autumnal colours that developed while layering too.

Purple Bell Flowers - Eesha Hariramani

Title: Purple Bell Flowers
Artist: Eesha Hariramani
Other Links: Etsy
Bell Flowers in a transparent glass vase! I wanted to color something in purple, something vibrant and soothing! I plan to make more in the purple series because it makes me feel very calm😌

Riders at dusk - Ian Bristow

Title: Riders at dusk
Artist: Ian Bristow
Theme: Fall
This painting was inspired by author E.M. Swift-Hook’s amazing writing.

Life Touching - Kris Kou

Title: Life Touching
Artist: Kris Kou
The first time when a robot touching life.

Fall Princess - Crystal James

Title: Fall Princess
Artist: Crystal James
Theme: Fall
A a rework inspired by Mucha.

Portrait 1 - Valerie de Rozarieux

Title: Portrait 1
Artist: Valerie de Rozarieux
Other Links: Etsy
I rarely paint portraits but this was such a compelling image that I wanted a go!

Nature's Glimpse - Maibis Navarro

Title: Nature’s Glimpse
Artist: Maibis Navarro
Theme: Fall
Title: Nature’s Glimpse
50× 40 cm
Oil on canvas
This painting represents terraced Vineyards during the month of autumn when the colors in nature are particularly beautiful and appealing.
I teach on Skillshare how to paint this piece step by steps

Moonligth - Emmanuelle Bru

Title: Moonlight
Artist: Emmanuelle Bru
Sketch with my favorite medium : ink !
I love the #dotwork, it’s really relaxing for me and completely pressure-free

The Traveling Merchant - John Ramsey

Title: The Traveling Merchant
Artist: John Ramsey
The traveling merchant! He looks like he should have a name.

If this were a game world, I imagine that he would be the merchant you encounter inside a dungeon, probably right next to a save point. I don’t really play video games anymore but JRPG logic still informs a lot of my narrative concepts.

age of aquarius - Zahra Hasni

Title: Age of Aquarius
Artist: Zahra Hasni
It is said that the age of Aquarius will bring revolution to human kind, revelation of truth, and the expansion of consciousness. Water will clear away the old and bring in the new ~ Aquarius inspired pastel work.

The witch and the dragon - Maria Gehrke

Title: The witch and the dragon
Artist: Maria Gehrke
Other Links: Shop
“What does the moss tell your rocky shell?
Of secrets to uncover?
The things I cannot find to save your life?
The words my broken, tired heart yearns to know?
O brother, I helped uncountable strangers, but never you, never you… I am so tired, but will not rest. Not now, not any of my many lives.” – from the tale of the witch and the dragon.

Yellow - Lizzy

Title: Yellow
Artist: Lizzy
Other Links: Patreon
“My take on @ver_matei draw this in your style. I am not a great fan of yellow but this one caught my eye”

Love - Pigi Glarou

Title: Love
Artist: Pigi Glarou
This was a commission from a local girl who loved the movie and the characters. She gave me two images and asked me to draw them. I used graphite color pencils on A3 paper 🙂

Sumatran Tiger - Rachel E

Title: Sumatran Tiger
Artist: Rachel E
Theme: Fall:
For the #wildlifewednesdaychallenge. The colours really remind me of the way the trees change from green to orange and red in autumn.

Transformation - Castor

Title: Transformation
Artist: Castor
“Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” – Nia Peeples
Male bird usually transforms from dull brown to rich red feathers when it’s time to attract a mate.
Red Avadavat / Strawberry Finch / Red Munia [LC]
– Huge Thanks to @kelderwildlifepictures for the permission 🙇‍♂️

Misty forest - Sofia Larsson

Title: Misty forest
Artist: Sofia Larsson
Theme: Fall
A simple misty forest with some cosy autumn vibes to it 🍃🖌

Monkey business 🙉 - Dani St

Title: Monkey business 🙉
Artist: Daniela Tsvetkova
I feel exactly like this chimp every time I wake up, no matter how many times per night 🤪
I’m late with a couple of weeks for the World’s chimpanzee day, but there’s another one coming soon – September 1st is the International primate day, so I wanted to mark it somehow 🌞 Chimps are our closest living relatives, sharing 98.7% of our genetic blueprint, but unfortunately by clearing away the ape’s forest habitat we have put them onto the list with endangered species 🙄
We need to stop behaving as if we’re the only living beings on this planet 🤨

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