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Africa Bag

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A couple of days ago I was looking through my fabric stash for some fabrics for my new 2010 project list. Of course, I did not find what I wanted, but something I had planned a long time ago and never finished.
Many years ago my relative from Cape Town gave me some wonderful fabric. It’s a cotton print with Africa animals on in. I had added some rough linen from another garment and some inside pockets and zippers from an old corduroy bag that had “died”.

Now that I had found this projects, I had to finish it, and forget about my new 2010 projects for a while. I always get side tracked like that – it’s horrible 🙂

So this is the final result – my Africa bag:

But let’s start from the beginning. Below is a picture of the original fabric patch and the linen that I used for the lining:

I first sewed the inside pockets, that I had rescued from the old corduroy bag onto the linen:

This is how it looked after I added the outside fabric and zipper – from the inside:

And from the outside without the handles yet:

Luckily I only got side tracked for two days – ha ha – but it’s going to happen again, I just know it.