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What a surprise! Maria is writing artsy blog posts now.

You may be thinking “what is this? Maria has a blog?” and if you do, I understand why.
I haven’t written a thing for my blog in ages. I had a lot of plans and then 2020 happened….

But recent changes in my life – internal life to be precise – has me reviving by blog.

So what happened? Well … first there was over a year of pretty low mood and motivation as you may have experienced as well. I was just waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel … get through this. But when it went longer and longer, the end seemed unsure and far away. I started thinking that something needed to change. Not on the outside but inside myself.

Looking at burnout and ways to relax I became intrigued by mindfulness. I talked to my friend Jackie about this a lot as she is a yoga and meditation instructor. One thing led to another, and we both started a podcast about our journey to become more mindful. With it we want to explore all aspects and techniques of mindfulness and bring it into our life. We are now working on episode 4 already 😲 how time flies.
Check it out and join us at We’d appreciate any input!

The other big thing that happened is that I did an art business course. I can hardly explain how this happened. It was calling to me I guess.

And boy, what a great course! Lovely Australian artist Steph Freeman was our teacher. She is such a supportive mentor and never fails to motivate. Check her out on Instagram:
This art course as such an inspiration and left me with so many ideas and things to put in place. It also gave me this wonderful positive feeling that – YES – I can be a successful artist and thrive with my art. It even gave me ideas around mindfulness!

Hint, hint, there may be mindfulness retreats in my future 😃.

logo live love maria 2

I am still digesting all the material from the course and need to plan more. But I have started applying some of the things learned. One of them being to update my website and logo.

You may or may not have noticed that I changed my logo recently. This is a lot more in line with me and my art now. The general theme being the connection to nature.

I also changed my website theme, picked out a color scheme and updated all the pages and the store a bit. Next thing to do will be a photoshoot for some nice pictures to add to the site. But I may wait with this until my art studio / home office has new furniture. Yes, I am remodeling the room I use for work and art, but that is another story to tell at a later time.

And to bring it full circle, another change on the website is a new, fresh start for the blog. I have archived all my old posts 😲. But I may bring some of them back if I love the topic (like the one about natural Easter egg dye).

So this is post ONE of my new journey in my art and into mindfulness.
Please take a look at my website, browse my store and tune into my podcast.
I hope you like it!

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  1. Love it!!!! Can’t wait to keep hearing about your journey <3

    1. Thank you dear!

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