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Color Results

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I took the eggs out of the dye this morning. Great results and one big surprise.

Starting with the top right we have turmeric (yellow), red wine (purple-ish), onion skin (brick red), another turmeric, blue berry (dark blue), and last and kind of least: paprika powder.
I really happy about the results. However, I was quite surprised about the onion skin and the paprika powder, I was expecting the opposite results.
The red wine one turned out really interesting. There were tiny sparkling crystals all over it (see picture below).

I wonder what caused that. We have yet to try them. I am a little concerned that the taste is influenced by this because they were in the dye so long. For next year, I think I will collect some blown out egg shells and do some more experiments with different shades for the blue berry, maybe mixing blue berry and turmeric, and trying beet juice as well, which is supposed to be a deep purple. I wonder if I can transfer that crystal effect to any other color by mixing it with white or red wine instead of water.