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Drawing a New Year

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Although it may not seem like it from the frequency of my blog posts lately, I have been crafting and creating.
I have been picking up drawing a lot more lately and have not been crafting as much.
There are however, a few UFOs (un-finished objects LOL) still floating around:

  • A David Bowie crochet doll – Stardust style
    Can’t wait to finish that one as well as add finishing touches to the Freddy Mercury doll I have also been working on. Those two will rock the heavens and the stars!
  • A cardigan, which will take a while. But it’s a nice side project that I can work on and watch a show at the same time
  • I started a short dress. But that one I should have finished this week, because I want to wear it on the weekend.
Those projects are a little stranded because I have been focusing on visual art. I started daily doodles after finding the perfect empty little book and I have only skipped two days so far.

I am also counting last Friday, when I went to a figure drawing session at UWM’s art school. That was a lot of fun and I am planning on attending multiple of those.
Here all my results from that night.
And last but not least, I was experimenting with my new(-ish) ink brush pens and made a fan art of Lana Del Rey.