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French Beaded Flower Bobby Pin

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Yesterday, I started working on a French beaded flower bobby pin. I bought the pattern from my friend Fen, which she sells along with many beautiful French beaded flower accessories on her Website BeadFlora and her Etsy store BeadFloraJewels.

The instructions are great: easy to follow and with great pictures to follow along. I chose a dark turquoise 11/0 seed bead to work with and a gold colored – it’s not really gold 🙂 – 24 gauge wire. I am done with 3 of the 5 pedals. Hopefully it turns out good, then I can wear it with my turquoise lace dress. I am a little worried that the pedals are too far apart from each other. But I guess it is wire so I could bend it to shape (if it doesn’t fit I’ll make it fit, ha ha). Here my in process picture:

I probably won’t finish it tonight because there is a board game night going on, but probably more tomorrow.