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Miscellaneous Monday: Galaxy Onesie

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Although I am bed / couch bound with a horrible cold this weekend, I was till able to finish a little side project that I had started a week ago. I wanted to write about this separate from Thread Thursday.
I saw a video online how to make cute galaxy flats with white flats, sharpies and rubbing alcohol, and wanted to try this on a plain white onesie I had. There was a stain on it anyways, so it made the perfect medium.
First I covered the onesie in different galaxy appropriate colors like black, dark blue, dark purple, pink and turquoise.

Then I dropped some rubbing alcohol on it with a dropper. Make sure to have something protecting your surfaces. I used a big plastic bag.

I continued dropping until the whole onesie was soaked. OK, I have to admit, I was impatient and may have used too much rubbing alcohol. I had to dry this in a ventilated room forever!!!
So don’t do that. be patient and sparing with the alcohol. I also think that having a day in between painting the onesie and dropping the alcohol may have caused this, so you may want to do the alcohol dropping pretty soon after the sharpies.

Before drying I bunched up the bag do mix the colors a little more. Then just hang it to dry. Again, you’d want a well ventilated room and protect wherever you hang this on against stains. I used some cling wrap to protect the drying rack and some gloves to protect my hands :).

After drying it over night, I did two things to set the color: iron on hot, and then threw it in the dryer for a bit. This is to make sure the color won’t leak when you was the piece. If you had a smaller colored area you could probably get away with only ironing, but I wanted to make sure.

Then I added little stars with glow in the dark fabric paint. I don’t have a picture or it actually glowing in the dark thought. My camera is not good enough for that.

This needs to dry over night again and then can be washed. I am planning to wash it separately though or with black clothing because I am still a little worried about color leaking – there is just so much that I drew on there.
Hope you liked it and please come back. I have a new Thread Thursday coming up 🙂