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New Logo

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Besides furiously working on our Halloween costumes, I have found some time to update my logo for my Etsy shop. (Next of course I need to make and draw some more things, but hey!)

I wanted to go with something simple and elegant. I had the idea of using the bird shapes as they are often drawn flying in the distance – just two curved brush strokes.
So I chose to have 3 birds flying in formation with the curve of the wings emulating the letters of my shop name “Live Love Maria” as well as forming a very abstract heart shape.

The result looks like this.

Next I want to either 3D print a stamp from this or have one made if that doesn’t turn out.

I updated the Etsy shop avatar with it and also made a new shop banner with some stylized foggy mountain shapes in matching colors.

Lastly I did the same thing for my Facebook page with the profile picture matching the Etsy avatar  similar to the new shop banner, and created a cover picture from pictures of some of the items I sell.

What do you think? An improvement?