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Outfit Inspirations: Nautical Summer – Easy to sew

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You probably thought I gave up on my blog by now. I didn’t, just a little break 🙂
The weather has been nice finally, except for today – we have a big thunderstorm. So I have been doing stuff in the yard. We got quite a few veggies planted and I see some fruit already developing – yay!
A couple of weekends ago I went to the Bead and Button show here in Milwaukee. It’s a huge show with classes too, but I went for the vendor area. So many beads, buttons and related. I bought quite a pile for not really doing beading or jewelry with beads. But I think I can and will incorporate many of my finds. I will add a picture of my new stash next post. 
Most of what I bought is beach-themed or nautical, which is a big favorite of mine. I grew up by the Baltic sea so it is not a mystery why. I also was reminded of this love for nautical stuff by my friend’s recent wedding which was nautical themed.
So I went and searched for some nautical sewing projects that are not too hard / time-consuming to make.
I found these two nautical chevron dresses, which look easy and really comfy. For the left I would probably go with a more nautical color combination like navy blue or red chevrons. What do you think?

I also found this bathing suit, I really like. It looks kind of retro and nautical, and doesn’t seem too hard to sew.
I even have some bathing suit fabric but not in a solid blue, instead more a Hawaiian flower pattern. I have to see if I want to combine this style with that fabric or stick with the nautical theme below. Or both…hmm…hard decisions 🙂

A good accessory would be this cute nautical handbag to complete this look. I really like the rope and knot details.

In a post about outfits I didn’t get around finding some nautical dresses of my “look” girl crush Zooey Deschanel. Seriously, I want to have every thing she wears 🙂

The first of below dresses would probably make a good top as well.

The nautical theme would work great for 4th of July as well, but I do have some ideas lined up for that already and will write about them next week.

Thanks for reading!