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Place mats and new dress design

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Finally starting some sewing again. Two weeks ago my mom and sister visited and last week was crazy busy at work. I found am awesome fabric scrap that I am making place mats of. Here a pic of two out of four that are done.

But I need to stop digressing 🙂 On Sunday is the Etsy Craft Party Milwaukee for this month, and my friend Fen offered to model my creations. Check out her blog at This means I really need to get going. I know what I want to do, have the fabric and her measurements.

Today I started with a sketch of what I want to do.
So essentially a dress and a tiny jacket. The jacket will be made of a wool fabric with a small plaid pattern. The dress is solid burgundy red with some gathers to make it flirty. I am thinking of possibly attaching a fabric flower made of the dress’ fabric to the jacket – have to see. Also wanted to use the dress’ fabric for the lining of the jacket.

So time is running short. Tomorrow I want to draft the pattern. Thursday, cut the fabric and possibly start sewing. Then I have Friday and Saturday to finish the ensemble. Ha ha, you think that’s too much – maybe, but that’s how I operate 🙂 No serious, I am just too lazy lately, need to kick myself a little.