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Sephiroth Painting

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This year I made one big geeky present for my sweetie. I had seen someone put Star Wars and Star Trek characters in old paintings before and really liked those.

So I decided to make something similar.
After a long search I found a perfect landscape painting at an antique shop.
First I wanted to add the vault dweller and Dogmeat from the new Fallout game we have been playing so much lately, but really one of his favorite games is Final Fantasy 7 and especially the character Sephiroth.
I enjoyed that game so much as well and it was my first console game after a long time of PC gaming which my sweetie had lend me when we were first dating. So epic Sephiroth it was and he was gonna hate on some barn 😉
Here a little animation of the process:
I started with this picture and used oil colors.
First I added a layer with the base colors.
The second layer with the lighter colors in the flames I pretty much added right away because it was ok to mix a little with the darker flames.
But for all the other details on the character and the smoke I had to wait for it to dry. And it took forever. I had to wait 2 days before I could continue and was so happy I got it all done in time to wrap it on Christmas day 🙂


The frame that came with the picture worked really well also. Here is what I ended up with.


I’m super happy with it, sweetie loved it and hung it up in the man cave right away. Weeee!
Hope you enjoyed it too. Until next time!