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Sunday Impressions: GenCon 50

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Again my “Sunday Impressions” turn into a Monday Post 🙂
But it got pretty late after a long weekend at GenCon in Indianapolis. And I don’t think people read blogs that late at night.
Above you see some pictures of the amazing Costumes I encountered at GenCon.

If you are not familiar, Gencon is a four day gaming convention with some LARP, Anime, Cosplay, crafting and general geekiness sprinkled in. This year was its 50 year anniversary and my 3rd time there.

But this year was my first year with a baby. It meant fewer events for me and my husband but also more of just strolling and browsing than in previous years.
I was able to try out a few board games though of which we got a nice bag full at the AEG game night.
We definitely want to come back next year. And we will bring some costumes as well.