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Sunday Impressions – When in doubt: flowers!

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This weekend, I did not take any pictures so I dug out a bunch of flower pictures for you to look at as my Sunday Impressions. It also reminded me how great the Chinese Lights festival was, and that I want to go this year again.

Somehow, I ended up with new yarn just as I am decluttering my sewing room. Decluttering craft supplies is the hardest decluttering there is.
At least for me. I need to allocate them to concrete projects and come up with a deadline of how long I can sit on them before they have to go.
I think 2 years should be my deadline for now.
I think I will do a few more projects now that it starts to get colder again. Summer is not a good season for craft projects. They are far more important for the cold months.
Especially up here, where we get so little Summer time, we have to use every minute of it.
This weekend seems to be a little preview of fall with rain and brown leaves. All around a gloomy weekend but filled with fun activities.
And I noticed, I am not ready for fall yet, although I am looking forward to it.
This fall is going to be a lot of mixed feelings. I wonder if that is the reason some ideas cropped up.
I want to do some cabin travel next year, do more drawing and painting and restart my poetry.
Oh, and I do have a Thursday threads post for you this week, so stay tuned.