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This Post is Apocalyptic

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No, no, not really. Only that November was almost as dead as a nuclear wasteland and filled with me roaming said a lot.

After all the work with the costumes, I took a crafting break. Then on November 10th, the new Fallout game came out, and with that pretty much all artsy-crafty activity died. 😉
And it’s such a great game!

However I was not completely unproductive. I finished a small ink drawings with my new brush pen and Copic markers. It was inspired by another wonderful video game: The Long Dark.
It is an indie survival game playing in Canada’s wintry wilderness with just gorgeous landscapes and color changes based on the weather and time of day. It’s a Kickstarter project we backed and playing the sandbox mode yet. They are planning to add story mode in Spring 2016. It’s by Hinterland Game Studios. Check out their page here and my ink drawing below:

I liked the result, so I am using it for my Christmas cards this year (hehe, two birds, one stone).

I also made a doll outfit for the Lammily doll I talked about last year. This is a present for my little cousin. The doll came with a Summer outfit, so I wanted to add something warmer for the season. I made some leggings, leather boots, a plaid dress, a jacket with hood, and crochet hat and infinity scarf.

Now I am still working on the present for my Sweetie. I think it will turn out great, but only 9 days left (Oh, no!). I won’t be able to post that until after Christmas though 😉