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Thread Thursday 6: Preemie Sleeper

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It has been over a month since my last thread Thursday, but I have a very valid excuse 😀
We had a Baby!!!
Our little Saya already went from a little bundle to a one month old. Crazy how time flies!

She is still in the hospital with feeding issues but the doctors promise that she will flip the switch soon and “get it”.

Just prior to her birth I made a little sleeper for her. I have to see if this one still fits her when she gets out of the hospital though. She does not need it in there because they always have it super warm.

It is a Dutch pattern that I found here:
Een jumpsuit om zelf te maken – Kiind Magazine
It’s in Dutch but Google translate works on it very well.
It comes in multiple sizes but this one is the preemie size (she is very small).
Here some in progress shots. I am planning on making more in other sizes but I want to wait till she is actually home.

Pieces cut

Bindings attached

Sleeves added to the front and back body

Almost done. Missing side seam and Velcro on the bottom