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Up-cycled Nautical-ish Dress

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Last week I finished a nautical dress to wear to a wedding I attended on Saturday. I used a simple sheath maxi-dress that I bought at a thrift store for a few bucks. As you can see below it is a rather boring and unflattering dress (blah!)

I used some red satin fabric from another maxi-dress which I wanted to re-do anyways to get a nautical color scheme. I cut out more of the neckline, making it into more of a strap.
Then I cut the dress right at the waist and inserted a 1″ strip of red fabric as a waistband.
The skirt part I cut at half the length and separated each half into 6 pieces. I sewed the 12 pieces together as the new skirt part, gathered it and attached to the waistband. Then I cut another 5″ strip of red fabric and added it to the bottom. Plus I had to hem that strip. Ugh, a lot of work! And not done yet… Last but not least, I added a zipper in the back. Not sure why it didn’t have one right off the bat, because it was really hard to put on before. Strange.
Well, it took me until 3 am the day of the wedding 🙂 (of course I was not procrastinating at all) but I finished it and I really am happy with the result. What do you think?