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Vault Dweller’s Emerging Countdown: 13 days

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For this year’s Halloween, my sweetie and I have made some grande plans.
Coinciding with the release of the new Fallout 4 game on November 10 (for which I am actually taking half a week off 😛 ) we decided to make vault dweller costumes.

And we are planning on going all out:

  • Actual work overalls in post man blue with yellow trim and vault numbers.
    Plus, we were going to dirty them up for the “worn” look
  • Spray painted and distressed Nerf guns from the thrift store including some LEDs and an integrated fan for a “flamer”
  • 3D printed props like jet, stimpacks, mini-nukes and emblems
  • Some meds from the game as props (with candy inside, hehe)
  • Nuka-Cola and Sunset Sarparilla bottles
  • And last but certainly not least: 3D printed Pipboys for both of us
This is going to be super sweet and I am very excited.
We have already quite a bit to show for as well: bought overalls and boots, started on props and weapons, and bought fabric for the trim.
And of course I have some pictures of the progress, because I knew you wouldn’t believe me ;P