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Completed Nautical & Eiffel Tower Earrings

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I completed the nautical and Eiffel tower earrings for which I described stiffening the parts in the last post. Well, actually I already finished them on Friday but then ended up not writing a post yet 🙂

Using the Mod Podge to stiffen them worked pretty good and I will do that again. There are some other methods which are not as easy though. I just Googled “Stiffen Crochet” and found a ton of articles. I do have to say that putting the crochet pieces on a Cardboard to dry was not a good idea.
One of the pieces almost gave me a heart attack when some of the cardboard was stuck to it. Yikes!
Luckily I managed to peel it off without any residue or damaging the piece – Pew!
Next time I will use some fabric underneath. 

I assembled the crochet pieces with some jump rings and made these two earrings.

I also listed them on Etsy already:

Yesterday I started a Facebook page for my Etsy shop, which will hopefully help with sales.