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Crochet Blanket and Baby Jacket

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I’m taking a little break in posting about my Spain trip until after the weekend. You will be able to read the next post about that on Monday. Today it’s Friday and I’m keeping it light 🙂

I made a couple of things crochet. Number one is a little baby jacket from left over yarn.
I chose the colors with a beach or forest theme in mind and tried to line them up to create an ombre effect.

I used the following pattern for the 0 –  3 month size, but because the yarn was all rests and all somewhat different sizes, the size of the finished piece is not exact. We will see, because my Baby may not be exact either, hahaha. You never know what size they come out. :p
Three Way Baby Sweater

At the same time I had been working on a blanket for the living room. I saw this pattern and really loved the color choices as well.
Comfy Squares Textured Blanket
I picked a thicker super soft yarn in similar colors though so I had to wing it with the hook size and number of stitches and rows. Also it turned out I needed a ton of yarn which is why my finished blanket is a little smaller than I wanted but bigger than the model. I wanted something to cover myself sitting on the couch, not just a baby blanket size. But the materials started getting expensive. I really like the result though:

I don’t have another crochet project lined up at the moment because right now I need to focus on Halloween costumes and I wanted to participate in Inktober, creating drawings in ink every day of October including pages for the coloring book I have been slacking on 🙂

There are no posts on the weekend, so stay tuned for more travel posts starting Monday!